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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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Thank you for this lovely topic Inda.

I have been to Hawai'i and I have seen the beauty of its ocean, its beautiful, lush plants and its ever changing colourful sky.


I really like the photos of Peter Lik.
Does he have a book published? I will look him up on the internet.

This saying is from one of your prervious Hawaiian posts:

Much like the scent of a flower,
aloha emenates from the heart.
Those who are centered in aloha
cannot help but shower unending
love and beauty on the world.

Robert James
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Thank you girls for your kind replies. I would love to still be in Hawaii. It is truly an oasis of beauty.The people are very kind and gentle; they respect their plants and animals, their elders, and their children.
The Hawaiian people know that one energy unites them all, the ocean, the birds, the plants, the rocks and the people...

There is a reverence for life.

yoko, Peter Lik does have at least one book, and it is absolutely beautiful. He is on the internet, and I am sure that you can find all the information there.

Love, Inda
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Thank you Teo.

It is nice of you to post Obama, he was born and went to school in Hawaii. The people on Oahu call it " Obama Island."

Love, Inda

Aloha exists beyond motives,
desires or opinions. It is sustained
by love, fortified by compassion,
and it expands in power and beauty
as we give it away to all who come into our lives.

Hawaiian saying


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From HELLO magazine

Money doesn't grow on trees, but apparently art does. On the island of Kauai,' rainbow eucalyptus' trees are the brightest of the bunch. They periodically shed their bark,revealing green patches underneath. Over time, those spots then turn shades of blue, purple, orange and maroon, creating a masterpiece cortesy of Mother Nature.


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