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Please pray with me for my sister Sue. She was hit by a car about an hour or so ago. They said it was pretty bad a first, but she is sitting up complaining so they say that is a good sign. They are doing Cat scans to make sure nothing is wrong inside. She has a bad gash on her head. Please pray for her, she has 3 small children at home.
Sending love,


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Margherita and Lynette,
Thank you for holding my sister Sue in your prayers. She actually looks really bad, her face is swollen twice it's size, her one eye was already black and blue and swollen shut. she has stitches in the back of her head and her chin, and 3 broken vertebrae in her back, which the doctors say will heal. Cat scans show no internal injuries or other broken bones. She was hit at a speed of around 25-30 mph. In a parking lot in a strip mall where the speed is 10mph. She will be very sore, but will heal! The angels were with her. As of last night she did not remember what happened at all, only that she woke to all these strange people hovering over her. She does have a concussion so they kept her over night and say she will be going home today. She has 3 small ones at home. The girls were in school, but her 3 year old Simon was home. Thank God so was her husband because she left him home with him while she ran to the post office. I thank God and angels and both of you, My Margherita, and my Lynette for your prayers. It hurts to see her all swollen and hurting, bruises and cuts all over, but she will heal! Thank God, she will heal. And I thank God and His angels for this.
Joie and I were talking on the phone at exactly the time this happened and we were talking about the angels assisting us. They were listening in on our conversation and brought protection to her. At first, every one was saying it was really bad. Those sweet diving angels. They were with her!I am grateful, again! Oh, so many blessings and miracles my family and I
have received, it is amazing! We are truly blessed!There has been alot of tramatic events that have happened in my family, but we have all overcome them, with help from divine assistance. I feel this in heart. My heart is filled with love, praise and thankfulness. And I am so happy that I have you and Givnology to help with my prayers.
I hold you all in my heart,with love,

Baci's! (kisses)
2Hearts 2Hearts


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We just found out late this afternoon that it was a 61 year old woman that hit my sister. May God and His angels surround her with love and if she is hurting from this, emotionally, send comfort and peace to her.
Some of my family members, especially the young boys are prejudice. This woman is from the middle east. I won't say where from as this does not matter to me. May their angry and negative thoughts and energy be turned to love and understanding.
Love, 2Hearts


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I'm really sorry I missed this before dear Sandy.

Thank you for sharing this and inviting us to join your prayers for your dear sister Sue.

Sending prayers and healing energies to dear Sue and her family. May God and The Angels surround her and all concerned. Seeing her healthy and happy, recovered just fine. And so it is.

Love and light being, Teo sweety Kiss Love2 Cloud9 Cloud9

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