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Granter of each and every man's secret desires of the heart, You who cannot lie or render evil, and who manifest in the light what is hidden in the darkness, may all our wishes for others come true for our own selves just as Your wish for us comes true for You.

Grant to us the good which we desire for all. Give to us today what we hunger for. Allow us to see and know our own hearts, and not blindly judge the hearts of others.

Forgive us, yes, remove far from us all our own obstacles to loving, just as we remove from all others their faults or their inabilities to love.

Hold us not to the failures of our yesterdays, and commit us not to our high promises of tomorrow.

We trust in Your power and do not ask for You to prove Your love. We believe it. You have shown by our very existence that we are loved. We know that nothing in this world compares to Your love for us.

We seek no material gain or power or position or recognition or worship from man. We hold no one above ourselves. We hold no one below.

We confine not ourselves nor any man to his own weaknesses, but trust You to endow our hearts with the wisdom and love which we seek.

For all of the power belongs to You. And You have shown us the power of the higher way. Your Kingdom will never end. For the entrance into, and the sustenance of Your Kingdom, is love.

Your glory is the love for all, and acceptance of all who love and accept all. How few embrace this concept. How few accept this power. I embrace and accept it today.

My prayer today is for those who exclude themselves. Who want special privileges and exclusionary rights to Your Kingdom. Who miss the glory of love by denying its power to transform the lowest of creatures such as I. Who wish to confine and punish those who are not acceptable to their own standards, which You yourself do not do. And they fail to see how they fail to embrace the love which You have for us all.

I pray also for those who fail to see that the trials and tribulations of life are not temptations from You. I give thanks to You for showing me that all which comes to me is for the sole purpose of understanding my own heart, and proving my heart to myself. And I thank You, Oh Granter of my heart's desires, that You have allowed me the chance to change. To learn of myself and to purify myself by Your unchanging Word. Any storm which has troubled my life is for my own growth--to be like You, to be with You, eternally.

I give You so much praise and honor and glory, which You have never sought. I am so overwhelmed by the thought that You have sought me out of my own darkness, shedding Your Light and Love upon me, to lead me to our heart's desires. I am so glad to have found Your Truth and Beauty and Grace and Love. Amen.

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I never thought the day would come that I wouldn't know what to say except "wow". This is beautiful, Lynette. But what is even more beautiful than the expressions in the write itself is the fact that you have developed a relationship with the Creator and have come to an understanding of His unconditional love. A love which we need to all have for one another. To see each other as He does; looking to the heart for beauty and not to the outward being, for that is vanity. The more I get to know you, the more beauty I see. And as He wraps His loving arms around you and soothes your pain, may you feel our love, too, through Him.

Originally posted by Barbie:
I never thought the day would come that I wouldn't know what to say except "wow"...

...The more I get to know you, the more beauty I see. And as He wraps His loving arms around you and soothes your pain, may you feel our love, too, through Him.

I second that emotion: wow.

Thank you for sharing your oh so beautiful words dear Lynette. We are truly blessed here.

I have to say, the phrase "to lead me to our heart's desires" is one of the most genuinely compassionate word constructions I have read in quite a while. Yes and I read a lot of loving beings!

I will have to print this and meditate on it.

I join you in your prayer and send all the love and compassion energy I can to those who exclude themselves. May your beautiful prayer manifest in the best ways for all concerned. Amen. And so it is.

Love and light being, Teo Colors Typing Applause Love2 Angel Angel

oh! And I was so enthralled.. I almost forgot!


Make yourself comfortable, enjoy your stay. It is great to have you! Wave2

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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