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Very beautiful artwork, dear Glenn.

And the result of your photo "manipulation" is quite special .... Your friend beholds the product of your creativity and "takes it in". Great!

I mainly "play" with words now, I used to paint, I love photography too.

A senryu for you:

Spiritual patterns
flow from your heart and reveal
your soul's deep yearnings

Love, Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita, Inda
thank you for your kind words. Thank you for the Senryu ( i must admit i have no idea what that is, although if I would have to guess I would say it was spur of the moment poetry that is inspired by whomever you are recitign it to~?~). Inda do you ever upload shots of your work?

speaking of spur of the moment poetry, i came up with one little thing years ago and ever since have not forgotten it suprisingly since I have a pretty bad memory. and here it is:

forces of darkness
beings of light
a celestial orgy
of pain and delight

the end Big Grin

When I need some sort of creative outlet I will draw up a design in paint and color it in several different ways if I have time. here I will upload one more that I did a while ago.

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3


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Hi Glenn,
I love the colors in your work.
They remind me of all the beauty of the tropics.
I guess I would describe your work as "Impromptu," just to go along with the mood.

Yes ,some of my work is somewhere here on this board, but I have to get good photos taken.
A lot of the pictures are framed and under glass and my scanner will not pick up the colors, so I really don't want to show anything more at this time.

Love, Inda
Thank you for your replies Inda and Lilie Smile

you are most kind.

Lilie I was quite proud of my eye manipulation, thank you. And I agree Margherita did have a wonderful interpretation! I love to look into peoples eyes. And If I do come up with more poetry I will be sure to share. Smile

And Inda "Impromptu" is a great way of describing how I come up with my MS Paint art Big Grin - I like to come up with patterns. I find it interesting how completely different they look when I color them certain ways and what kind of 'mood' certain ones set in me. Could you point me to some of your work on the board here Inda? Smile

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3
Dear Glenn, I love your explosion of colors too combined also with the Ying and Yang sign. The center of your paintings holds greath depth and this makes them also very adapt for meditation. Probably you are in a state of meditative creativity during the act of painting them.

A senryu is a traditional Japanese form of poetry. The more famous name is "haiku", but authentic haiku must contain a seasonal element, while senryu can be of whatever topic. There is a syllable rule: The poem is composed of three lines - first line 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables, third line 5 syllables.
It is believed to have been first written in the seventeenth century and is based on a Zen Buddhist philosophy of simplicity and the idea of perfection that excludes the extraneous.

I love your poem, which in just a few lines holds beautiful truths.

Love, Margherita Smile


On a dolphin’s back
I ride my ocean of tears
she giggles me through

senryu by Margherita
<3 j00 guys!

(((hugs everyone)))

Inda I loved your paintings! very beautiful! thanks for sharing that with me. Quite exceptional if you ask me.

Carolyn thank you too! you are too kind! wait scratch that, you are very kind!!! how can one be too kind anyway? Big Grin I am glad you enjoyed my simple works.

Margherita Smile its the coloring that I enjoy the most. building the patterns is fun though as well... I never have an idea of what it will look like when I start. each piece comes to me as I go. I do feel a different mood hit me when I look at the finished fully colored image.

Also thank you for the explanation of a Senryu. I loved both of the ones you shared here on this thread. you are very talented. Smile

(((more hugs for all))) Big Grin

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3

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Dear Glenn

This last one looks very much like a very old
children game, at least one of the most known in Sweden. And I am so dead tired of playing it, but thinking on playing on your ground would make it so much more fun again

By the way, please tell us what MS paint sure seems fun

With Love,

Hmmm Lilie, thats wierd my friends asked me to help them design a board game not too long ago. Maybe I should give them that image and have them run with it Big Grin

and MS Paint is Microsoft Paint. It comes with every version of Microsoft Windows. Its just a simple little program. Not really well suited for creating anything intricate. it produces bitmaps mainly.

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3
Glenn, here some more butter, but homemade...

...if you want the description how to make it I have it

anyhow I did really enjoy the animation with the sound...great!!!

I see now that everything comes from US, this expression with butter is very common in Sweden and I had no thought of it comming from somewhere else


I'll try to keep my mind out of the gutter on that one!

Lilie, thats a popular saying in Sweden? Very interesting. Thanks for the homemade butter! I don't think I've ever had it before. looks good though! I don't think I have a churn for the making of it, and I dont know about getting good quality anything here in the U.S. to make it anyway.

I thank you for checking out my flash animation, I'm glad you got it to work. Thanks for teh compliments. Happy Sunday to all *hugs*

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3

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