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July 1, 2005 I’m In the Process

When starting to understand and apply the Law of Attraction one may find that they are in a place quite different and foreign than the place that they desire, for example you may want to be Millionaire but in reality are struggling to make ends meat. However the Law of attraction works again by attracting what you focus on.
Now as I said in the past we are to work at not focusing on the lack, ie.. the struggle to make ends meat! Because by focusing on the struggle, you get more struggles,
So many of us get discouraged, because the law of attraction sounds good in theory but my reality is I am struggling. I propose a new strategy to get us beyond that struggle. When it is hard to believe that we can achieve our goals when faced with thee reality of the present moment use the Phrase “I am in the Process” Or “I’ve Decided” These two phrases can turn a statement into a more believable one. For example “I am a Millionaire” even though we are struggling may in fact lead to more negative vibrations because we know that we are not a Millionaire, however if one were to say “ I’ve decided to be a Millionaire or I am in the process of becoming a millionaire. It is easier to Believe and thus results in a positive vibration which brings positive things into ones existence.

Make It A Great One
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Welcome to Givnology Todd The Manifest Man! Wave Kiss

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Originally posted by themanifestman:
When starting to understand and apply the Law of Attraction one may find that they are in a place quite different and foreign than the place that they desire..

Well these are discussion forums, so I hope you don't mind me discussing this with you!

One day I realized, perhaps it is better to have everyone around you be a millionare, and let's say, all love you so that they will buy you what you want, and hey, you don't have everyone you know asking you for a handout hum? I boil that thinking down to: "The less you need the wealthier you are." Just an idea you made me think of with your post here.

A few things I like, not love, but like about your approach. Manifest-Man is a cool title! moust

Working with the LAW OF ATTRACTION I personally consider very intelligent. Really! If you ting one tuning fork that is set to A, a tuning fork next to it that is also set to A will begin vibrating! Idea

To follow this analogy through, one would seek others who have manifest the millions like you wish to, get close enough to them to let what they did to achieve them "rub off on you," and whala! Just don't forget that people like to brag, and someone likely will tell you it was so simple and they just advertised somewhere and the money flew in the window... you can't really blame them, people love to tell stories don't they?

My next "discussing" is your saying "I am in the process of becoming a millionaire." I think this is an excellent way to view and say thinks.. pun intended.. Clap

Forgive my going on and on but I've read a lot of Buddhist and other spiritual type stuff, and what I've come to understand is that we often have a goal out there somewhere distant, but the real fun of it all is the path! Just think how many people have millions and are dreadfully bored! Aaah It's true!

Often after someone achieves their goal they will relax, rest, and then feel that the great efforts and learning that were involved were the greatest benefits; not the original goal! One should be veeeery clear about their statement of goal as well, because the Universe may be fully happy and capable of fulfilling your desire, but you might want to be extremely clear. What if you became a millionare overnight, but everyone else became a billionare too?

I remember I was doing "Informational Interviewing" with a professional in the computer training field that I admired. He had all the classes in the paper. I did some classes for him and just wanted to ask him about the profession and such. He said to me: "You are doing better than me! I have all these computers to take care of, bills and employees, you just come in here and it's all set up and do your job and leave! I have so much more stress..." something to that effect.

How I personally reinterpret the "Law of Attraction" and making positive statements that I wish to come true, like "MillionareMind" and "Manifest Man" is this:

Act like the job you want, not the one you are in!

This means, you start in the warehouse or mail-room, learn all you can there, and unlike your fellows who leave their shirts out and curse and sneak out at 4:55, you arrive always 10 minutes early, take short lunch, leave at 5:05, dress like the executives do, and especially don't criticize others! They will dislike you being so neat, hard working and such, so make them feel good by saying: "I wish I could be lax like you" and "why do I make things harder for myself?" because you may just need them as allies hum?

My dear grandmother Eugenia Hickman used to say to me: "If you are outside the door, well dressed and completely prepared with what you need to know, at 7:30, they can't help but give you the job."

My point is, look, think, feel and act like the millionare that you are, and surely it'll manifest. Since I have given you some serious "discussing" and hopefully helpful ideas, now I can be a little mean: PLEASE proofread your posts before submitting them. Close quotations you start.. etc.. though I enjoyed a chuckle with your "make ends meat!" Laughing

When you are a bazillionare don't forget us little folks who supported you hum? Stay positive, and the best of luck to you Todd!

Love and light being, Teo Hide SystemError Idea Book Book

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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