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July 13 2005, Connect the Dots

In marketing and business it has been a traditionally held notion that we live in a dog eat dog world and that the biggest dog wins. This mentality has permeated into life as whole and what we have is a society of people that are leery of the big dogs if you will and have become more and more individualized and not open to community.
Think about people today we tend to stay to ourselves and live in our own little vacuums not wanting to risk developing relationships with people that we are not familiar with. But what does this accomplish? This to me only accomplishes people that long for authentic relationships and don’t know how to produce them. The dog eat dog mentality is wrong and is important to become a society of community and connection, we need relationships and other people, for without them we can never begin to think we can leave a lasting impact, I can think of no one who has done anything of value by themselves, Sure we know individual names but all of them from Billy Graham to Tony Robbins have a team of people that work with them, they have connected with others, they have relied on friends and developed lasting relationships, Connecting helps manifesting, for many of the things we need or want will come from others.
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Thank you for posting.
I think the answer is not the same for all beings. Some of us work hard all day with a lot of people and need to spend time by ourselves in our home whenever possible.

Some of us work alone and therefore need to be party animals.

Some of us are very healthy and have a lot of energy and some people are physically ill and need rest.

Interesting topic just the same.

Sue Cat Cat2

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