OK I'll admit it, I mainly like the name "Millennium Of Love" and 2ndly (is that a word?) I looove the images there! Well maybe not the Nero-Bush, but lookie!

And there's an Einstein (with a pipe HAH!), Tutankamun done celestially, and .. and .. and .. I guess I'm in my 2nd childhood, or maybe just extending the first! he he.. Nut

But look at dolphiny!

Love and light being, Teo Clap Clap

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Original Post
Excellant site Teo, of what I have browsed through! Will be back to check it out more! Did you see Miss Piggys picture!!!! Laughing

Love you!


Thanks Teo.
This is fabulous. Like Sandy, I'll be back to spend more time at this wonderful site.

Sue Cat Cat2
Thank you Teo.

Millenium of Love is a wonderful site. I will also come back here and study it in detail.

Vicky 2Hearts


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Last edited by Vicky2
Thank you Teo,
This is a very nice and interesting website.
It is good of you to share it.

Thank you Teo for this wonderful post. I love all the images and the website, "Millenium of Love." Like everyone I need to come back here when I have more time.

Love, Inda


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