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Longing like this

When my longing
is a howling wolf
and tears spill shamelessly
without permission,
the moon blinks
in silent empathy,
while frantic neurons
spread red alarm
all over my brain
to signal the risks
of an emotional storm.

When the nearest wall
is just the right place
to lean onto and
to glide down to the floor
in utter need to assume
the womb position
where intimate peace
is a natural condition,
loving arms of light
stretch across the ether
to wrap me tight.

When my eyes
close in sudden desire
to carve indelible
heart laser designs
upon my thousand and one
night dream notepad,
I climb peaks of delight
within the frames of your mind,
discovering new itineraries
along cosmic fields of unity
where our footprints coincide
pointing to eternity.

When I knowingly mirror
the faultless image
of your divine soul
and sip at the chalice
of your love scented
sacred essence,
your multiple layers of being
softly absorb me
and welcome me
under your skin,
where I stop instantly
to writhe and to howl,
for distance is no more
as we breathe as one
eager to sing
our very own song.
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Originally posted by dear Margherita:
loving arms of light
stretch across the ether
to wrap me tight...

Your magical words wrap me tight.. and light me up dearestestestest dpm (Dancing Pearly Margherita)!!! Yes Yes Yes

What a refreshing experience, reading your beautiful poetry - and all the beauty in the images!! InLove Love2

Thank you ever so for sharing this gem, and sharing your beautiful soul dear dpm Ladysman Angel Hug Cat2

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teom Hide Typing Book Idea Colors Wave CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Originally posted by dear Inda:
Thank you dear Margherita.
It is wonderful to see you back here.

Your beautiful poetry always touches me deeply.
Your lovely words leave an eternal imprint on the universe.


I agree emphatically.

Thank you for sharing your amazingly beautiful works with us Margherita Bounce

We are truly blessed, and it is overwhelmingly joyful to see your name here Love2 -Arty

May it all work. Wow it does! Amen & Awomen.


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  • LightBeing
Thank you from my heart, dear Vicky, dear Teo and artministrator, and dear Yoko, for your most loving replies.

It's nice to know this place of peace and love. Thank you for keeping it alive!

May you all enjoy a beautiful Sunday!

Here it was rainy and as I am still recovering from the flu I did not go out. Hoping that soon the energy will come back! And sunshine too ...

Love and hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts

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