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July 15 2005, The universe is ready to Give

The science of manifesting is very simply broken into three very simple rules First is you ask (this is your job) second you allow the universe to give (this is NOT your job) and third you receive (again, your job) . I know it seems more complicated than that, but it really isn’t, where it gets hard is getting out of the way and ALLOWING the second rule to happen. In my working with people I have found that most people find the second rule impossible or they can’t see evidence that it happens. To trust the abundance of the universe to bless us goes against everything we have been brought up to believe, we have learned that we must push and strain to get things, but I am here to say that there really is no strain involved.

Notice I didn’t say that there was no work involved , because there is work to do, the difference in the law of attraction is that we work with the flow of nature, not against it. So please don’t think That I believe that you can sit in a closet think wealth and have it rain millions of dollars in your closet, that doesn’t work either, but the universe does give and will gring about ANYTHING you desire.
Secondly remember that the universe works on its own schedule as well and we should look for little signs of abundance starting to appear and be grateful for them.
For example, say you want to manifest more money in your life. Today you walk down the street and find a dollar on the road, should you curse and say , Man it’s only a dollar, no you would be happy to find that dollar. That is a sign that the universe is going to start giving you more. Be thankful for that dollar, thank the universe for that dollar and tell it that you are ready for more, or confirm the fact that you are now attracting more money in your life. Its these steps that start the process of allowing more into your life.

Make it a Great One


Editors Note: I will be out on Vacation next week and will be Mountain Biking out in the wilderness, so there will be NO Millionaire Mind Moments Next Week, please check out and refresh yourself on all the lessons there
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Thank you and happy mountain biking!

Your words about appreciating the dollar found made me think of the Italian saying:

Chi non apprezza il poco
non è degno del molto

which is:

If you do not appreciate the small (gifts)
you are not worthy of the big (gifts).

I know about the theories you illustrate hear to attract wealth and sometimes I really see Universe's "hand" in what happens, but indeed it is not easy to let it do its job without the slightest doubt or detaching totally while doing what we are meant to do.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

Love, Margherita Smile


I’m open to love,  my heart invites you to dance,  come share my delight

senryu by Margherita

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