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July 6, 2005 The Magical Creation Box
In all the books that I have read on Manifesting and Creating Abundance this simple game has been a staple. Every Book has a variation of this game included and therefore I thought I would share it with you. The game is not really a game but rather something to do. This will create worlds moving in specific directions of your personal preferences and will create more specific desires that you want to create.
To do this first find a nice looking box—I like the File boxes found at the office supply store—and decorate it and label it the magic creation box. Next gather Magazines, catalogs or Brochures and find symbols of things you want to do, have or be. Continue to do this all the time and cut out the symbols and rather than say yeah I would like that and then discard it, place it into the box and declare that you intend to create the reality behind the symbol. If you have no resistance—doubt—that the things that you place in the box will become realities you will start to see doors open that will guide you towards the things in the box.
This process will assist in you focusing on what you want and you will consciously start to amplify step 1—To ask—in the law of attraction. And finally in the absence of resistance things will start to happen. So go have fun and as always……

Make it a great one
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