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The fan has always been important in Japan. They are used by warriors, actors, and children. Fans are given as presents and serve as trays for holding gifts. They are sometimes used in religious ceremonies. The top of the handle of the fan symbolizes the beginning of life. The ribs stand for the roads of life going out in all directions to good fortune.

Japanese fans evolved into an art form during the Edo period, 1690-1868. Not only are they exquisitely decorated, but the thin wooden panels splay in a way that conjures up the radiating sun's rays, or the leaves those rays give life to and sustain.


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Arigatou gozaimasu

These are so beautiful dearestest Yoko Asian

A much appreciated addition to our Wellnes Arts forums! Truly awesome beauty and detail. Thanks for sharing these treasures.. mmm... enjoying the beauty...

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teom Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Thank you Teo for your wonderful images.
They are absolutely beautiful.

The folding fan, sensu, or ogi seems to have been a Japanese invention, which originated in Kyoto about 670 AD. It is made of paper and bamboo. Those made with white paper were used by the aristocracy to inscribe love poems and the fan was then presented to the beloved; devoted Buddhists used the same fans to inscribe Sutras, so that they were always at hand.

I am very touched by your reply.



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Thank you for this delightful post yoko.

I also love your fans Teo.

I found some more interesting information about Japanese fans on this website:

History of Japanese Folding Fan

About 700
Around 1300 years ago, Japanese Folding Fans were made as a daily tool which is peculiar to Japan. At that time, this Fan was called [Hiougi - cypress], which is made of cypress' board as a material. This board was used as record.

About 900
Around 1100 years ago, this era's Japanese Folding Fan changed to the style in which we use today. Japanese traditional paper on a framework of rib, is folded over in many layers. This Fan was called [ Kawahori - bat]. This derivation came from its shape when unfolded fan. It looked like a Bat. At that time, these fans were used only priests, nobles, and oracles. But it was not allowed to be used by the regular people.

About 1300
Around 700 years ago, the Japanese Folding Fan was brought to China by Japanese priests. In China, the fan had changed dramatically [Silk Fan]. Until that time, Japanese fans used paper on one side. But in China, Chinese fans used papers on both sides.

About 1400
Around 600 years ago, the fan which had changed styles in China was imported as the Chinese Fan. Many patterns were used in Japanese Folding Fans.

About 1500
Around 500 years ago, the [Iron Folding Fan] had appeared. This Iron fan was used in the war to command troops.

About 1700
Around 300 years ago, it was the piping times of peace. Japanese Folding Fans were becoming a common way to cool off. Fans were used in tea ceremonies, Japanese Dance, and aroma. It played an important part among the Japanese culture. And wealthy merchants fixed Japanese Folding Fan luxurously. The fan began to be a trademark for many how designs.

About 1900
Around 100 years ago, the production of Japanese Folding Fans amounted to 20,000,000 in Japan. They became an important export products to get foreign currency. Most of export production consisted of fancy Japanese pictures. They were called 'trade style' or 'oversea style'.

About 2000
Today, traditional situations, Japanese Folding Fans play an important role as a property. Many people like to use it as a means of keeping cool in the hot weather.


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Dear Margherita,
thank you kindly for your reply and beautiful image.

I am just leaving for my vacation and I am glad that I dropped in on Givnology to see your lovely reply.I almost missed it because I was in a big rush on the weekend trying to organize last minute projects since I will be away for alost a month.

have a nice summer.



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