It truly is the greatest blessing to be able to share music, art, ideas, and good feelings like love with you all.

This sacred haven Givnology, with the wonderful submissions and replies that you angels have given, has blossomed into a full fledged KARMA WASH and boy I'm feeling clean!

In this post the creativity is combined, thanks for the funny background dpm, thanks to InfoPop for making a discussion forum where background pictures AND background music can be combined! EXCELLENT!!!

Hoping you are all enjoying your Givnology user experiences, and having a great life as well. Lovinlight 2 all, Teo Wink Wink

Teo's presence: Givnology forums, freeboards, tradigital music, Third Millennium Thinking, new media

May we have enough compassion so that people with solutions for us all can bring them to us without fear
Original Post
Dear Teo,

Thank you for Givnology. It is an oasis of calm and peace to come to at the end of a busy day.

May we continue to share our truths and beliefs on this peaceful and love filled board, and make it a better world for all.

Lovinlight 2 you Teo and All who share Givnology.
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Wow Teo I love blue and black combination ... very beautiful and spiritually stimulating!

Thank you for Givnology. It is indeed a warm and inspiring place!

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile
Thank you for Givnology.
This is a wonderful place to meet and share ideas.

Love and hugs to everyone here Ladysman Love2

Sue Cat2 Cat
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Thank you for bringing this post back Vicky.
Givnology is indeed a great source of wealth.
It is like diamonds glittering in the sunlight.

Sue Cat Cat

Photo by David Middleton
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There is no happiness like that of being loved by your these returning vnhxtrrpczayd was very pleasant or desirable no magnet drew me.

Hoping you are all enjoying your Givnology user experiences, and having a great life as well.

Lovinlight 2 all, Teo

Nice post. Thank you Teo.

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