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I have been divorced for 6 years now. I have forgiven my ex for his infidelities, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. However, I now struggle with another issue.
As most of you know, my son is battling lymphoma. My ex is required to provide insurance, help with medical payments and contribute to college tuition. He has done none of this. I have begged him to help with cost. Even suggested we rearrange our divorce decree to split expenses. He chooses to ignore that request. We are now in court, he is fighting the divorce decree on payment. I am having a difficult time understanding this. Why would a father disregard his responsibility to his son, especially for such intense medical care. He refuses to help with payments but can retain an attorney to fight this. I don't have ill feelings towards the man, yet it is extremely difficult for me to understand why he will not help with his own son's medical. I know if the shoe was on the other foot, I would help in anyway I can, to make less stress so he could take good care of my son. I feel guilty that I have to take him back to court, but I need his help. I cannot work, as my time right now is dedicated to Hank and getting him to his treatments and clinic appointments. My husband now has taken over paying the expenses. He doesn't mind but is aggravated that my ex has totally disregard working together for the sake of our son. Prayers please, that my ex will make a turn and decide to help. I think the man still harbors ill feelings towards me and that is why he will not contribute. Which is sad. And makes me sad, for my son knows his dad does not help, that his step dad takes complete care of him. I know this hurts my son's heart, as he refuses to talk about it.
I am confused with this, and cannot understand. Prayers please to help this get resolved.
God Bless you all,

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Continuing to pray for my ex husband, Ron, that whatever issues keep him from helping with his son are resolved. May God bless him with peace, knowledge, comfort and show him the way to being a responsible Dad. Please Lord, let his games stop. Praying that we may have a working relationship for the betterment of Hank.
In Jesus's name I ask this,

Dearest Sandy, my heart goes out to you. I join you in prayer for the peaceful settlement of the unsolved problems with your ex husband. I pray that he will be overwhelmed with love for Hank and that this love will induce him to pay his share. You are right it is difficult to understand. May he heal from all of his resentments and may he recognize how important it is that he helps.
I visualize you Sandy with a grateful smile, meaning that these problems are solved and with a still greater smile of gratitude for the complete healing of Hank .... and of your heart.
All my love with plenty of hugs, my heart sister.
I love you.
Margherita Smile

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