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My son was ill with lymphoma a year ago. He is in remission, Thank you God, and I am so grateful for this. It seems though that I have lost part of myself, I turn to God to get me through the rough times, in my head. There was just so much suffering, unfairness, injustice in the last year that I am trying to figure it out. Guess I'm on another spiritual path here huh?!
I have a court trial on Tuesday against my ex who was to help support Hank and hasn't. This tears me up, not for the money but for his lack of parenting. It hurts Hank, so it hurts me.
I haven't been here or on Chopra much, I come to read but haven't posted. My heart is still here with my spirit friends and the ones on Chopra. My head is spinning and I need to get focused again. So although I do not post, know I love you all.
And Inda, thank you, I think of you often and hold you close in my heart, always.

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Dear Sandy

Nice to see your name again here.

I have find for myself, that just a few sentences or finding images that give resonance inside is a good way of being more in the flow of life. Even just a single word or two, from my heart. This is something thta might be working for you too....

Dear Sandy,
It gives me the greatest pleasure to find you here.
I am truly sorry for the difficulties your ex-husband is creating for Hank and for you.

Sending out prayers that all things will turn out for your and Hank's wellbeing.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
~John 1:5

Even if you are too busy to post, just come here occasionally and sign your name under any post.
Love to you and Hank Love2
Inda sweety
My dearest Sandy, my heart sister, I am so happy to find you here. I hold you in my prayers for the best possible outcome of today's court trial. May Hank's father change his attitude and understand how important it is for Hank to count on him ... and for you.

Sending all my love and positive vibes.


I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
I don't know why I don't come back to this place more often. There is so much love, it lightens my heart. Thank you all for your sharing of your hearts and prayers.
The ex was ordered to pay most of everything. I should be happy with that, but years ago I spent mucho bucks to rid myself of that man. $18,000 and still had to spend more to get him to live up to our contract.Not to mention just the fact of taking care of his son. I am disappointed with the court system here.
Hank is still doing great! Just last week his testings came back clear! Thank you Lord Jesus, for your many blessings and restoring him back to good health.
I have been in therapy, seems I have a bit of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. I cannot leave certain thoughts, images, feelings, worries, sadness of the past year behind, and find them difficult to deal with at times.It is strange, I am thrilled and grateful for Hank's return to good health, yet I still struggle.
God has blessed me and my family so, I don't understand why I feel this way.
Ahhhhh...sorry, did not mean to go off, I know God has us in his hands. sweety Maybe I am just off to a higher level of spirituality eh? Or maybe a swift kick in the butt to be more thankful for all I have received. Violin Especially through my son.
Know I love you all!

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Providence by Rassouli

Dearest Sandy, good to see you here. I understand that it is not easy to forget the extremely hard times you went through last year with dear Hank. May you release your tensions. May you quench your thirst at the Divine Source and may serenity, love and gratitude fill your heart.
God bless you and Hank.
Sending you much love and hugs.
Margherita Smile Smile Smile
Thank you Inda! Yes, Hank is doing great!! Thank you Lord. The ex, well, he has his issues I guess. Don't believe there is much hope there anymore. I talked with him a while back, seems he still is bitter with me and blames me for everything. We may be back in court if he does not comply with court orders which are due on the 15th. The saddest thing is, I don't believe he has a relationship with Hank anymore, and that hurts my heart for Hank. His Dad does not realize all he is missing.
Thank you Inda, for always thinking of us. Know I hold you in my heart and prayers.


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