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Dear friends,

Yes I study Chi, Chakras, Orishas, Books of the Dead (both), Scripture, Quabala, Vodoun, Teoism, Rapture, Meditation, Music, Herbs, Magick, Non-being, All-being, Native American, Aboriginal, Rajneesh, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Gurdjieff, Paranormal etc. etc... ad nauseum...

But I always revert to wisdom from dear Deepak, it is generally always right on the point. His excellent integration of Eastern and Western medical sciences is astounding. He is one who can genuinely quote scientists AND vedic scriptures impeccably, probably the only one. His intentions show through and I believe we are all blessed by his presence.

I would like to call myself a Chopratist or would it be Chopraist? Choprist? Chopraite? Chopran? Chopraphile? Chopraie?

Chopratist sort of concatenates "Chopra it is-t". he he.. Comments / suggestions? Any one heard other similar words? (Wonder what Deepak would want..) Thanks googles!

Healing love to all, Teo Cool Cool Ying Ying Typing Typing Clap Clap Idea Idea Laughing Laughing

Teo Barry Vincent IV Composer Performer Sound-Designer & Information Systems Support

Writings: Third Millennium Thinking, Lyrics (PDF file)

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