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Schonberg's "Violin Concerto": A con who's stolen a violin bangs it against a chair on a shiny iceberg.

Wagner's Tanhouser: Someone crashes a wagon into a townhouse. Wagner also composed Lohengrin. Associate your Substitute thought for Wagner to low and grin or lone grin.

Associate straw win ski to pet rush car and a bird on fire to help you remember that Stravinsky composed "Petrouchka" and "Firebird." Get write off spring into the picture, and you'll also remember that he composed "Rite of Spring." You can, of course, form a Link starting with the composer and including as many of his works as you want to remember. The same method, of course, works for paintings.

Picture a rose growing out of your knee and putting a large O on a totem pole, and you'll remember that Rossini wrote "Largo al Factotum." Picture that rose getting its hair cut buy a barber who is civil (or just barber) to remind you that Rossini wrote The Barber of Seville.

Liszt wrote "La Campanella"; see a list camping on Ella. Picture that list being very grand and marching with a crow on a mat to remember that he also wrote "Grande Marche Chromatique."

Grieg's Peer Gynt: see yourself peering (with a squint, in you like) into a creek.

Brahms's "Hungarian Dances": Picture brahma bulls (or bare arms) doing Hungarian dances, or dancing even though they're hungry. The "Hungarian Dances" were written as piano duets; you can see the dancing being done on two pianos. Associate the bulls or bare arms to lead, best leader, or just best leader to remind you that Brahms wrote the "Liebeslieder" waltzes.

Debussy's "La Mer": You might see a D being busy (or bossy) to a llama.

From: The Memory Book, Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas, page 168-9

For one, I think these are hilarious! Laughing though rather SILLY! Tongue

See! Eek I KNEW there was a valid reason for my weird-wordness?!? ... uuuhhhhm... I'm just being silly to help remember! he he.. RaisedBrows I think I have an overactive funny-bone...

At least there are no Silly-Police thank heavens! he he.. Yes Angel

Love and Lightness Beings, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul...) Idea Idea

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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