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Do not just toss those leftovers! You have to make them last, because you are a responsible citizen of the world. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Article resource:investigate

But first, time to shame you into better leftovers use

Americans throw away a lot of leftovers yearly that might be eaten without any issue. There are millions of foods wasted by getting thrown out by just adding the few slices of bread together.

The Environmental Protection Agency notes that leftover meals and comparable food wasted amounted to 14 percent of all municipal waste in the U.S. in 2010. That's leaps and bounds above the rate the U.S. experienced during the Great Depression, when throwing away leftover meals was anathema. As food today costs about 6 percent of the average American's annual income is spent on food, the imagined of throwing it away is truly depressing.

That is why you should learn to maximize your leftover meals and use it all.

Try out bread pudding next time

While you can get exceedingly fancy with different types of bread pudding - ask your preferred gourmet restaurant if you doubt the veracity of this - the true purpose of it is to use bread leftover meals. If you have some tasty liquor to soak your leftover bread parts, go all the way and make bread pudding with some butter and eggs, New Orleans style. You'll have a tasty desert in no time, or even something savory, depending upon the type of recipe you use.

Ideas for using leftovers No. 2: Rice pudding

One of the very best ways to use leftover meals is to put it in pudding. Leftover rice should never be thrown away. Try using Indian spices, vanilla or pumpkin with the rice to make the pudding. If you do not like pudding, you may try risotto or fried rice. There are a lot of options; you just have to find them.

Try out a pot pie

You can never go wrong with a buttery crust on a pot pie with delicious meat in it. Nobody ever has to know it is leftover meat. All the protein should not go to waste; make sure you use it up. Add some vegetables and it will make a great meal.

Recommendations for using leftovers No. 4: Banana, apple, sweet potato or pumpkin bread

If you like fruit bread, you can always turn rotten fruit into delicious bread. It always helps to add chocolate chips for the children, and fruit purees are great add-ins. You can do zucchini, apple, sweet potato, banana or almost other things you can think of.

Crab cakes are great

With leftover fish, it is really simple to pack it into a cake form and fry it. You can use any kind of fish that you have, and potatoes work really great as well. You can use the fish cakes as appetizers or even as the primary dish if you are really brave.

French toast is always good

Old bread could be used not just for bread pudding, but also French toast. It's much easier to whip up than pancakes or waffles. Simply take some stale bread, dip it into a mixer bowl full of egg, milk and some cinnamon and fry up the gooey slices. Serve with your favorite breakfast toppings, from sliced fruit and berries to whipped cream, for those who have a sweet tooth that needs exercise.

Make a casserole

Another great option is casserole. It does not take much to make a really delicious casserole. All you need to do is take leftover pasta, mix it with vegies, meat, cheese and a sauce, and put it in a pan to bake it. It really is a simple recipe.

Mix it all into soup

Leftovers don't tend to get more basic than soup. Any leftover meat can be made into a soup, as can just about any vegetable. Who doesn't love split pea soup after Christmas, for instance? If you are ever stuck with a few ingredients in the refrigerator and you also aren't sure what you need to do with them, find a recipe site with an ingredient plug-in engine, like Big Oven, below.


Big Oven

Left Over Chef

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