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Just wanted to say hello today. It's been a pretty busy day today and just got to sit in front of my computer. Tomorrow, I am going to see a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction consultation and I am pretty nervous. I hope she can help me. I am a very, very petite person, but my breasts started growing when I was 6 years old. Now, at 24, they are 32DDD Wall
They come with an array of health problems, not to mention the aesthetic part, considering that for the rest of my body, I wear children's clothes, because the smallest woman's size here, is too big for me.
I hate that I'm venting about this, most people are not sympathetic at all, wrongly thinking that because I've got Pam Anderson's boobs, I should be the happiest girl on earth Cloud9
Not for me it's not. So I'm nervous, about my insurance not covering it, and I'm also a little scared of being the one out of 15,000 surgeries to experience anesthesia awareness Aaah
Also, once I get the surgery I will have no one except for my brother to take care of me and clean my bandages and help me shower, etc...weird Ghost
would that be ok? or is it too weird for a brother who is also my best friend to see my boobs?
Anyway, I guess I just need a little support from women, it would make me feel a little better, and since I have no women in my life, as my mother and whole family abandoned me, I guess I'm just going to have to get it from YOU Doggy
Alright, I'll just be here waiting for the support and getting ready for tomorrow. Also, my PTSD has made me agoraphobic and photophobic, as I usually panic terribly in public or driving without a companion, and tomorrow, I have to do just that, so...I'm taking Liam, my beautiful baby puppy with me.
Baby Liam
He is my little service dog and they'll have to deal, otherwise, I could panic so much that I could faint or dissociate while driving and crash:dontknow
So, I've vented enough... Violin now...back to positivity.
Love to you all
Aless 2Hearts
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Good Morning Alessandra,
My Mom is extremely large in her breasts, it causes her back pain, I on the other hand don't have much, I don't even wear a bra!!! Bounce
So, I can sympathize with your problem from seeing my mom. She would like to have a reduction, but they won't do it due to her age.
As far as your brother helping you, I think this is great, He will be helping you with love, and unless it bothers him, it is fine. He sounds like a wonderful brother.
I have PTSD I understand the fear and apprehension that comes with this. Your little Liam is gorgeous! Ask the angels to ride with you! I do, it helps!
I will keep you in my heart and prayers, please keep us updated on when your surgery will be,
sending my love,


Hello 2 U 2 Alessandra! Wink

Originally posted by Vicky2:

I wish you much luck. May everything turn out perfectly.
Amen and Awomen!

I'm glad you gave us an update on how you are doing. I hope you will find it fun and helpful for you here! Wave2

I'm so glad you got some nice replies here, XOXOXO to all! 2Hearts Love2 2Hearts

I'm going to stay proper and not discuss Spamela Anderson.. Googly I just hope everything works out OK for you. Sending positive healthy vibes... Asian Ying Angel

I couldn't help but peek at where your "avatar" or image came from, WAY COOL! Yes And there I found your cute doggie! Forgive me if I share the two of you with our Givnologers.. pleeez?

What does Liam mean? Friendly spirit pup he he.. Laughing Reeeeally cute dog!

And hey, feel free to "vent," no problem at all. Glad you find Givnology useful! Typing Colors And I like your use of smilies too! Doggy CoolDance Hula

Love and light being, Teo Wave Wave

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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