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Dear friends, our dear Frank has posted the sad news on his post May 8th, but maybe not all of us will see the message. So I thought to copy it in this space, so that we can pray together.

Frank's words on May 10th:
Thanks so much for your prayers. Dad and Mom made it 57 years plus one day. Dad slipped into the loving arms of God late on May 9. I was there as he peacefully went home.
I love all of you and appreciate your prayers. I know Dad is watching as I type this.
Love, Frank

My heartfelt condolences, dear Frank. I think it was a gift from Heaven that you could stay together the last day of your Dad's earthly life. It's comforting to know that the family was close to him to accompany him in the hour of transition. And I am glad to hear the transition was smooth.

May there be peace in your hearts.

Yes I have no doubts, your Dad is very close to you, he dwells within your heart.

Love and hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts

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My condolences as well.

Thank you Frank for letting us know in the other post (though I missed it). Thank you ever so dear Margherita for repeating it here so that we may share our love and care for Frank and his family. 2Hearts

It is great that you were there with him and your family at this time dear Frank. May your father rest in peace. He is in God's loving hands now. Sending you and your family lots of love and prayer energy.

Love and light being, Teo Ying Ying

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Dear friends, just want to let you know that dear Frank expresses his deep gratitude for our prayers and our manifestations of love and support in this time of grief.

He needs some quiet time to rest while he mourns his dear Dad and will get in touch when he will be ready.

We continue to hold you and your family in our prayers, dear Frank. May you be able to do in full serenity what needs to be done, trusting the assistance from Above. And may you feel the soul connection with your Dad. I firmly belief in this heavenly gift.

God bless.

Love, Margherita
My Dear Margherita,
I thank you so much for posting this for me. I have my ups and downs... It really hit me the other day that my Dad was truly gone from his body and is here but I cant give him a hug... That really hurts... Frown
Things were really a mess when I got into town 24 plus hours before he passed. My sisters and Mom were having a hard time getting him into bed, even though he was so frail. He was bouncing up and chasing imaginary bugs.... finally they were ( with help from the nurse from Hospice) able to get him to sleep.... He slept the whole while as we would give him medications for his pain and for his stressful hallucinations. I know there may be some out there who may think we were over-medicating him. Believe me, we were not. We just wanted him to rest easy. That night his temperature rose very high and the nurse thought he might go then. I went to the church and drove the priest over for last rites. He pulled through, but from his rough stressful breathing, we knew the end was near. My mother and sisters and I would work in teams to administer meds. Some had to be given as supositories and it took two. One to move him and the other to administer the medication. Late on the 9th, My oldest sister and I were up with our Dad as he lay in the living room. She decided to take a quick nap in the recliner as we did not need to give him meds for another 45 minutes. I sat up with him just watching and sending prayers for peace for him and telling him it was ok to let go. His breathing became easier by the minute. I paid close attention as his breaths became quieter by the moment. At 11:45 PM he slipped into the Arms of God. I was in awe of this because I had a strong sense that he was floating above me watching.... I then woke up my sisters and my Mom to tell them he was gone. We all sat with him and caressed his head and hands as we prayed.
I later told my Mom that I felt kind of bad that I didnt wake them up before he passed. I just wanted my time alone with him. I felt bad that I wasn't around to help when he was having his real bad hallucinations... Mom told me that maybe God and my Dad were waiting for me to have some quiet time to say Goodbye and that is why he waited until my sisters and Mom were asleep.... she was happy that I got my time with him....
Anyway... I thank you all for your prayers. The Funeral was beautiful with a Catholic War Vets Salute at the funeral home and Taps being played at the Funeral Mass. My Mom has the flag as well.
Now we are going through old papers and photos etc. He saved everything!..... I also didnt know how spiritual he was... a number of books and poems... he really kept that to himself.....
I miss you Dad... Angel
Dear Frank, thank you for sharing the emotions of the last days on Earth of your beloved Dad. I am sure you were meant to have some time alone with him to accompany him towards the gates of heaven. You have the comprehension of your Mother and so you don't really need to feel bad for not having woken her up. All has happened as it was intended to happen. Don't forget that there are Angels arranging everything.
Your Dad's suffering is over and I am also sure that he was grateful for having received medication to ease the pain. While sleeping I guess his soul was being introduced to those who waited for him to pass.
He was not alone, the love and prayers of all his loved ones were with him and your physical presence, your soothing words gave him the necessary "push" to let go.
Yes it is hard to adjust to the life without a father or a mother, they have always been there ... all of a sudden we feel as if they "abandoned" us, as if we stood in solitude, somehow cut off from our roots. But we learn to establish a contact that surpasses space and time.
Over the memories you now explore you will shed many tears, but they are tears of love and will ease your sorrow.
He is fine and he will let you feel this.
You will have memories and stories to share with your boys and thus their Grandfather will continue to live in their hearts as well.
Sending you much love, dear Frank.
Walk tall and straight despite the grief, as your Dad would certainly want you to.
Just today I had read a beautiful thought by Rabindranath Tagore regarding death ... LIGHT. I will search for it again and share it with you.
Margherita 2Hearts

Margherita, Thank you for your answer. You don't know how much your words help to ease my pain. I also thank all the rest. Teo, Sandy, Inda, Angela, and Sylvie for your prayers as well.
I do believe that God and the Angels engineered these last moments, so I could be alone with my Dad. His passing was quite beautiful. The only thing I can compare it with is watching a record on an automtic turn-table. The stylus reaches the end of the song, the music ends, while the needle follows the grooves to the very end of the disc, causing the tone arm to lift and return back to it's holder, shutting off the phonograph. Sorry, not very poetic writing, but i think you get the idea.
I didn't mention something.... the Sunday after the Funeral, my Mom and I went to Mass at the same church. She had wanted to go to a different church at first, because she didn't think that she could deal with all the people. She decided that she wanted to go to her church, so we did. Toward the end of Mass, she whispered to me "Dad tapped me on the shoulder." I looked at her a little puzzled and thought, "what do you mean? A week ago? Do you care to elaborate here?" She said "during the homily, I was thinking that before we married, he told me I want to marry you, but I cannot marry someone who is not a Catholic. I told him that I'm not going to change for you, that wouldn't be right. I will go to instructions to see if this is something I want." She continued, "I loved the Catholic faith and I just thought "thanks for the gift of your faith. That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over to you and saw your hands were in your lap, there was no one behind us, so I knew it was him, telling me 'I am here and ok. I love you even here in heaven.'"
It really was a touching moment... no pun intended.
A few days later, I had my own experience when late at night, I was sending emails and had David Letterman on in the background. Suddenly the VCR, which is under the small tv, started to go on and off, and then the channel changed from Letterman to snow and back. If that wasn't enough of a sign, the TV sits on a small lazy-susan turn table. That started to shake. I said "ok Dad.. you either want me to run out of the house screaming or you want me to go to bed." I chose the latter. Razz It hasn't happened since then but I can tell you I feel his presence as I type this late at night. I feel he is smiling right now because I never showed him that I go to these places of prayer because it did not fit with his beliefs that Catholicism is the only true faith. Toward the end he became more spiritual and from little things he would say, made me know that he knew that God is there for everyone no matter how they see him. Later my Mom and I even found some books of wisdom of all faiths.
There is a picture of him and my Mom looking so happy, whenever I glance at it, I feel so much love for him and miss seeing him.
Love, Frank
Thank you so much dear Frank for sharing these magical moments with us. I have no difficulty in believing in their authenticity, as I believe in the possibility of a permanent connection with those we love.

I had to laugh when you said "ok Dad.. you either want me to run out of the house screaming or you want me to go to bed." It's really strange that the first instinct is that of screaming, but I know this to be true. Maybe it's some sort of overwhelming "taking notice" of those rare precious moments when we "cross the boarders"!

May you and your Mother always enjoy the vibrant love of your beloved Dad, beyond time and space.

Love and Light.
Margherita 2Hearts

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