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As The Sun's Heart Implodes (note icos/dodec array symmetry of coronal mass ejections),

SpinDensity There Impresses and Quickens Human Hearts and the Heart of Matter (Anu)..(by fractal morphic 7/5 spin resonance)

beginning to illustrate: the interpenetrance of the helical braid as archtype template interpenetrating sub atomic to human to solar, see common 5/7 braid of anu (ultimate subatomic cor /heart/ heart of the sun

the point being clearly that as the sun goes in to ecstatic magnetics
it's magnetic heart being perfectly fractal to the anu spin geometry
in each human, and in each hydrogen anu..

that it spin speeds up by morphic resonance the lightening
core people and mass structures real time, from the core...

For more on this "mark of pressure" , merkabbah as an electrical pressure coccoon you can build (Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels) around your body see

The Merkabbah Meditator's Question:Sacred Geometry of Transcendance- Connected to the in-PHI-knit?

Of course the lower grade DNA of our interventionist extra-terrestrial friends (sirius B, alpha draconis, and some pleadian, & annunaki related)
would not be able to navigate in area of mag implosion...
their DNA has not the braid discipline to avoid scrambling (ref

When you debilitate your music by tempering the ecstatic fifth becomes just dischordant enough in the ear to reduce it's harmonic sweep. When Dr Ed
Wilson fed tempered octave harmonics into the human ear at the monroe institute, he measured dissociation in the EEG (hemispheric extremes lit up
opposite poles/ very separate.. ).. separateness... incubation.. Later when he fed fibonacci leading to phi harmonics into the same headphones, he
measured transcendance in the EEG (top crown linking hemispheres lit up..) lefting coherence up off the top of the head.. transcendantly...


Boy I hope I don't "debilitate your music by tempering the ecstatic fifth" or.. do I want to? Did someone DRINK their Ecstatic Fifth? he he.. Nut At least I love the images!

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul..) Violin CoolDance Doggy Violin Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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