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Dear Friends of Givnology,

Have a Happy St.Valentine's Day

Love, Inda 2Hearts

Love is the way messengers
from the mystery tell us things.

Love is the mother.
We are her sons.

She shines inside us,
visible-invisible, as we trust
or lost trust, or feel it star to grow again.



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Valentine's Day has had a little bitter with the sweet for me, having once lost my heart to one Jenny Valentine who was a double major at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music on both the Piano and the violin. (I was in the College of Arts and Sciences but both share the same campus, dorms, and dining halls).

We made beautiful music together when she came to visit after my separation to my wife of seven years. The first time we jammed Jenny started playing "Where did our love go?" by the Supremes on the Steinway grand piano in the Ballroom of my Arts Center, a room that was uninhabited after 10PM or so when the night secretary would lock up the building. I dragged a guitar up there and played unamplified.

It was a relationship fated to fail - in part because she didn't have the temperament for the "public life" that I had to perform in my live-in Job.

My father who used to do legal work pro bono for various museums and Arts foundations suggested to me once when he visited me there:

"you could run this place. But you never will from the position you're in."
I was the superintendent of property - the "super" as they would say in a New York City building.

Jenny Valentine became disenchanted with the terrarium of my residency and shuffled back off to Buffalo to rejoin the love of her life.

I spied her many years later on the rails on the Lakeshore Limited between Buffalo and Syracuse with a little girl with a chin that looked more like the old beau's (the guy back home as they would say at Oberlin) than hers.

She avoided eye contact, and the friendly guy from San Francisco who had given me a copy of James Carville's book - "And the horse he rode in on" turned my way and told me I looked like I'd just seen a ghost. . .

Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved.

Happy Valentine's Day
Originally posted by yogionefromobie:
Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved.

Happy Valentine's Day

You SAID IT brother! Funny how we think we know what we love.. I spent all day "fixing" Givnology - the attachments, and then a gazillion other things.. and I DO love my propellor spinning on my nerd beany.. but I'm not giving my computer any flowers! he he.. Nut anthough I do say I love it.. 2Hearts Typing

Neat story Nick. Glad 1)you have them, 2)these forums let you share them and 3)you do.

Boy I used to love those Xena shows! Viking And I think that Hudson (that's a femanine name? RaisedBrows ) was on some episodes of another show that took the Xena idea to the cosmos.. anyone remember a funny show "Cleopatra 2525?" A lady, OK woman, wakes up from a plastic surgery (yes breasteses) that almost killed her, 5 centuries later and she joins a band of techno-amazons? It was corny, but I looooved that show! A foine sister costar too. Hudson was in some episodes I believe.

Speaking of retreading super heroes, Hercules' lead, Kevin Sorbo, went on and runs a spaceship in "Andromeda" a show that is, again, cornily over-violent, but sometimes has interesting twists, a recent one a guy escapes a pyramid shaped spaceship, and is a poet! Reads the classics "word by word instead of downloading the data" hah! Some thinks never change, thank goodness.. and we have the new "classic prose" area in our techno-treehouse here.. ready to digitize the Dalai Lama, Ramakrishna and other sacred authors...

I think rambling on is also one of my loves, and hey, I just freed 50MB of space on Givnology today.. so now we have even more freedom to blab incessantly.. it's not a requirement, but is a freedom we share.. joy.. uh oh, company just arrived..

love peace and chicken grease, Teo Juggle Foot PacMan Angel2 Angel2

ps what (DEAR!) InfoPop often does, is slip an "upgrade" on you (the admin of a board) and you have to "massage it back to health." Well there are actually NOW improvements, though my Mac doesn't see every attachment.. and I just learned something while swiping your new "avatar" or icon Nick, I guess so that other people don't "cross-link" to our avatars, they don't have ANY extension like .gif or .jpg.. of course I DID swipe yours (aye bucko!) and I'm attaching it here, since you seem to like to change your "reference points" and give us a different view of you on a regular basis.. I liked the one with the bass, and the "impressionist" one.. aaahh Teo can upload a cutie and it's OK.. he he.. RaisedBrows Here's your "Hudson" Hula as an attachment, so that we have her digitally FOR EVER!!! he he..

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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