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to everyone who celebrates in Canada,
on October 12, 2009

Love, Inda

Stephen posteed this lovely sonnet
for us in 2004.

Thank you Stephen, wherever you are.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sonnet to Canada's Thanksgiving

I will my heart to open true,
To everyone as known and who,
Will light by warmth that inner glow,
Resound,then calm past every blow.
And as this moment laps my mind,
Each soul here present,love is kind,
True, as I think and see my face,
Blends into one, we hold the space.
It's up to me to fill this time,
Each set of eyes is friends in rhyme,
For as each search,past veils,discover,
The myth that one must stuggle, brother.
The waterfalls,swim up,choice,fight,
Or bask the flow down cascades light.

Stephen C. 2004
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