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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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My dear heart sister Sandy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful Birthday post!
I am touched by all the loving words expressed here for me.
Dear Sandy you are deeply missed here, I am happy that my birthday called you back!

Dear Sue, thank you! Yes I did enjoy my special day!

Dear Vicky, thank you! You call me an Angel, thank you! I am just one of the Group of Angels here. Everyone is special to my heart.

Thank you dear Inda! Well, as the number of years grows it’s really time to be aware of the beauty of life and to slow down a little bit, in order to be always fit.

Hello Teolove, thank you! I am a Pisces “girl”, not a Capricorn, but thank you anyway for the wonderful cake and loving wishes!

Dear Susan, thank you! You are an Angel too, my dear! And we are gifts to each other. I admire you for your outstanding qualities to cope with life when it’s not at its best.

Thank you dear Gisèle, for your kind words. I try to be a good person yes, but sometimes I feel I should do more.

Thank you dear Yoko, for the beautiful wish of a flower to blossom every day … that is very nice.

Thank you each and everyone for the love you sent out here to me.

I have come in only now, because I have been in Belgium with my daughter and with Simon, who is now 2 years and 8 months old. A little big boy! He was the gift of the day I tell you! At breakfast he brought me a wonderful bouquet and sang in Italian “Buon compleanno a te Nonna!” And we had a truly lovely day together. Simon wanted me to sit on the floor playing with him and he even gave me a gym lesson … “Look, look, Nonna, I’ll show you, do as I do!” Well, in those moments I wished I had twenty year old bones … But certainly Simon is a good personal trainer!


Sending all my love,
Margherita Kiss Hug 2Hearts Kiss Hug Love2 Dancers

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Wow, I am so moved to find your birthday wishes, my dear friends! Sorry for the delay in thanking you. It was high time to peek into givnology, I see!

I went through the whole thread and really my heart feels happy for all the warmth that permeates it.

And all the wonderful pictures, flowers and fairies ...

So beautiful!


It is a special gift to me to discover that our friendship is about as long as a decade, with you dear Inda and Teo (we met on Deepak Chopra's site) and then soon I met also the other beautiful members of givnology. Again I want to express my gratitude.

Going to look for a beautiful picture of a February flower ....

Love and hugs to all.

Margherita 2Hearts
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Dear Margherita,

It is a joy to see you back.
You are right, our friendship goes back a decade to the Deepak Chopra boards. I am glad to keep in touch.
Thank you for coming to Givnology.

Your picture is a reminder that spring is just around the corner, with all its delicate flowers and buds. Even the birds are beginning to sing.

Love, Inda

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