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I come to ask that you join me in prayer for Hank. Tomorrow he is having his annual CAT and PET scans. These are routine, but bring up fearful memories. I KNOW Hank is in the hands of God. I KNOW he has been healed by the Grace of God. I sometimes still get a bit freaky though, forgive me Lord. Hank is doing wonderfully, may God continue to shine on Hank with his loving healing light. Will you please hold Hank in your prayers for continued good health? There's power in prayer, this we know.
From my heart I thank you,
Oh...this is his last set of scans! Praise God!

Love you all,



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Thank you Sue, Vicky and Margherita for joining me in prayer for Hank.This beautiful young man, inside and out has had many struggles. i ask the angels to be with him today and always. We both suffer from Post tramatic stress disorder, I am sure him more than me. It is difficult to go for these tests, it instills fear, and I feel guilty and hope Our Heavenly Father knows that I have placed my trust in him and to forgive my apprehensions. It is difficult after walking that path and there is so much out there that leads to "what if".
Lord Jesus, I place my trust in you. I know You have this all planned out according to Your will. I know I could not bear watching my son go through that again, so here I am, asking for continued good health, body, mind and soul for Hank. He has just left, did not want me to go with, and everyone says I should let him go by himself, since this is routine testing, but being a mom, I am on pins and needles. Next week, when we go see the doctor, I am going with though, so I am thankful he did not put up a fight on this one. Please send a multitude of angels to be with him, for support, comfort, safety and with a clear and faithful heart that you are with him, providing all he needs. I love you Lord and am so very grateful for the blessings and miracles you have bestowed on Hank. Keep him in your safe and loving arms, this child of mine. He is my world here on earth, In your name I ask of this.


Gisele, Teo and Inda, from my heart I thank you for your prayers. The Scans took all day. Hank met a man in his late 20's who was going through similiar treatments as Hank had. They talked for a bit and when it was time to leave, the man thanked Hank and told him he was an inspiration. This filled my heart with joy, that he has instilled a bit of hope in another who is suffering. Thank you God, for all your gifts, Thank you God for the gift of Hank!
I love you all,


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