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Yea! Finally an a-kicking, murder and mayhem movie star I can get behind! Terminate those renegades destroying life for us human machines! he he.. Total Recall our state's health and give us the air they hoarded from us like you did on Mars.

If we have a Republican Governing, perhaps king George and them will go easier on us than they did Grey Davis.

The demhypocrats support the bloodthirsty oil and bomb special interests. We need more biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger's against the anti-american anti-life elements. (Unless Larry Flynt is on the ballot, now that is a person who entertains the people.. he he)

I love thinking how the political cartoonists will make Arnold Schwarzenegger like with bazookas blasting poverty or whatever.. Won't it be a fun image, a Terminator "cleaning up the capital." he he..

Go Governator go! Lovebeams, Teo Cool Cool

You can't force peace, only show it.
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Hi Teo1,
Have no idea what you be talking bout here.
Some Terminator guy with muscles (cool), anyway haven't kept up with politickings over the years, bit too sold-out for me.

Don't know a damn think about this Arnold guy. Do like his smile though. Always thought, intuitively mind you, that he felt like a REAL GUY. Who knows I could be way off key here, but I don't believe he would do bad things. By the way I know I saw a coulple of his movies over the years, didn't he come off as sort of a "dumb" strong Hero type? Can't remember now so no offence/defence to "Terminator" guy right now.

Well you must know better since you seem to keep up with the latest news.

Love, SeaAira
sweety UFO
From: "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison, last page#337

"...He stood up.

"Guitar!" he shouted.
Tar tar tar, said the hills.

"Over here, brother man! Can you see me?" Milkman cupped his mouth with one hand and waved the other over his head.

"Here I am!"
Am am am am, said the rocks.
"You want me? Huh? You want my life?"
Life life life life.

Squating on the edge of the other flat-headed rock with only the night to cover him, Guitar smiled over the barrel of his rifle. "My man," he murmured to himself. "My main man." He put the rifle on the ground and stood up.

Milkman stopped waving and narrowed his eyes. He could just make out Guitar's head and shoulders in the dark. "You want my life?" Milkman was not shouting now. "You need it? Here." Without wiping away the tears, taking a deep breath, or even bending his knees--he leaped. As fleet and bright as a lodestar he wheeled toward Guitar and it did not matter which one of them would give up his ghost in the killing arms of his brother. For now he knew what Shalimar knew: If you surrendered to the air, you could RIDE IT."

Razzacman: Ying Abducted Tiki trooper Vader
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how can I make a bad pun out of dis....

Big muscular STATUE OF LIMITATIONS must be in effect for sure! he he.. Tongue

This post was, wow, TWO YEARS AGO!!! and I think it was my last


ever and ever and ever! Reeeeeeally. Many felt Arnold is a conspiracy republocrat or something Confused but strangely I didn't. I realised and still do, that people think you have to think IN THE PARTY LINE (and not the Soul Train line! he he.. CoolDance CoolDance CoolDance Hula Hula Hula) so I real-eyes'd that I might as well keep my mouth shut about politricks. Yep. Waaaay back then though, I thought this hilarious and who nose, maybe good for old Califas RaisedBrows

I don't even mind SUPERSPAM online-casino "bringing back" this post, hey, (s)he was complimentary, and I couldn't agree more:


Clap Aaah Laughing

Love and light beings, Teo Cool Cool

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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