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Here I must tell you that when this vast divine actualization was completed, our triumphant cherubim and seraphim gave for the first time to all the newly arisen concentrations the names that exist even today. They then defined every 'relatively independent' concentration by the word 'cosmos,' and to distinguish the different orders of arising of these cosmoses, they added to this term a specific corresponding name.

They named the Most Most Holy Prime-Source Sun Absolute Itself 'Protocosmos.'

Each newly arisen second-order sun, with all its definite results, they called 'Deuterocosmos.'

Each third-order sun, which we now call a 'planet,' they called 'Tritocosmos.'

The smallest 'relatively independent' formation that arose on the planets, thanks to the new inherency of the fifth stopinder of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, and which is the very smallest likeness of the Whole, was called 'microcosmos'; and finally, those 'aggregates of microcosmoses' that also became concentrated on the planets, this time thanks to the second-order cosmic law called 'mutual attraction of the similar,' were named 'tetartocosmoses.'

And all those cosmoses that together compose our present world were called the 'Megalocosmos.'

Our cherubim also gave names, still existing today, to the emanations and radiations issuing from all these cosmoses of different scales, by means of which the Most Great Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat proceeds.

The emanation of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute Itself, as I have already told you, they called 'Theomertmalogos,' or 'Word-God.'

The radiation of each separate second-order sun they called 'mentokifezoin.'

The radiation of each planet separately they called 'dynamoomzoin.'

That given off from the microcosmoses they called 'photoinzoin.'

The radiations issuing from the tetartocosmoses they called 'hanbledzoin.'

The radiation of all the planets together of each solar system they called 'astroluolucizoin.'

The radiation of all the newly arisen second-order suns taken together they called 'polorotheoparl.'

And the aggregate of the results issuing from all cosmic sources, great and small, they then named the 'common-cosmic Ansanbaluiazar.'

It is interesting to remark concerning this 'common-cosmic Ansanbaluiazar' that present-day Objective Science has the formulation: 'Everything issuing from everything and again entering into everything.'

Specific names were also given to all the 'temporary independent crystallizations' arising in each of the innumerable cosmoses through the evolutionary and involutionary processes of these fundamental sacred laws.

I shall not enumerate the names of the many temporarily independent 'centers of gravity' which were crystallized in each separate cosmos, but I shall indicate only the names of those 'definite active-element centers of gravity' in the cosmoses having a direct relation to my later elucidations, that is, of those temporarily independent centers of gravity crystallized in the presences of tetartocosmoses.

These independent crystallizations in tetartocosmoses were given the following names:

1. protoehary
2. deuteroehary
3. tritoehary
4. tetartoehary
5. pentoehary
6. exioehary
7. resulzarion


There are ways that this overlaps to the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, the sacred law of 7, which we have other posts about. In some ways synced with the chakras, music scales, colors, etc..

Just as this typist has been expending immense time and energy "getting things working" here at Givnology, and now those tasks are under control, he now is in the phase of creating, OK creating "Om Work" for you all.. he he.. well, cusp baby Teo, on a "New Moon," and "New Year" being the equinox, well, a new set of "All And Everything" posts for your mental chewing on.

May this sharing of sacred universal information be for the best for all concerned. May we be empowered and grow in wisdom and awareness by discussing universal concepts. May all concerned have joyful awakenings and awarenesses. And so it is. Amen.

Love n light, Teo Book Book Wall Wall Idea Idea Cloud9 Cloud9

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Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Thank you Teo for this "Om Work".
My brain is pounding away Wall Wall Idea Wall Wall

Behind all this ,I am sure, is a very simple answer, which in a century my brain will grasp Idea Idea.
At the moment there are more things in heaven and on earth that I can even dream of Cloud9 .
I am lost somewhere in the mystery of all of this RaisedBrows, so I will quietly sit and let my brain ponder on this Wall CoolDance Wall Fan Book


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