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Hi all,

Magle set up the ability to include youtube videos in discussions in their Magle Music forums. Nice! Borrowing their idea, I found out we CAN here too! See: topic

InfoPop helped here: topic

But I wanted to include, or "embed" our mpg videos - mpg stands for Motion Picture (Engineers) Group, the technicians' standard, why not follow that hum? I got it to work! Only in the music forums, but that's fine.

You can always click the quote icon and it'll show the code used, so you can see how someone embedded or whatever they did!

youtube files load the first screen immediately, but if it's inching along it is terrible! mpgs don't start as fast, but once they start, you can back up and hear 5 seconds, then 10, etc. Enjoy!

The first is a short point and grin in MPG format, the second is from YOUTUBE, Liberace playing Chopin! Applause

Love and LIGHT BEING, Teom Colors Colors

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Thank you for this post Teo, and for sharing the information.

I was very lucky to have seen and heard Liberace in person, my mom was very fond of his playing and so we went to his concert whenever he came to our city. The music just seemed to flow from his fingers. He was also quite the actor, having great fun showing off his jackets which were lined with every possible sparkling gem.

Applause Applause Clap Clap Applause Applause TopHat Clap Clap Applause Applause TopHat
Good Old Liberace. I remember him from live television in New York in the days when Kate Smith The original Fat Lady closed the broadcast day with When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain.

When we were small children my sister and I thought Liberace was boss!

Oiving Boilin may have written God Bless America for Kate Smith - but nobody great or small does John Philip Souza better than the Muppets.

Happy Independence day. No offense intended to our neighbors to the north south east and west.
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Thank you Teo.

I need all the information I can get regarding computers, and what all we can do with them.

I never had the luck to see Liberace in person, but I loved his playing and I did watch him on TV whenever it was possible. He was a very good pianist and I enjoyed the type of music that he played.


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