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below is from: A Musician's Dictionary, David W. Barber, Cartoons by Dave Donald,
From: page 21...

Drums: A percussion instrument originally played on the battlefield to inspire the troops and frighten the enemy. Even in modern times drums retain their millitary connotations, being chiefly played by teenagers who wish to frighten their parents or by those wanting to do battle with the neighbors.

Early Music: In classical music, anything before about 1600. In rock music, anything before about noon.

Encore: A nasty method by which performers get back at the audience for its feigned appreciation in the form of applause. It consists of performing an extra piece "off the cuff" (which has been slavishly prepared for weeks). Audiences would be well advised not to applaud at all, so that everyone can get home that much sooner.
Expression 1. An indication in the score conveying information about tempo, dynamics, articulation or other means of shaping a musical phrase. 2. The pained look on the conductor's face when the performers ignore such indications.


Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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That's some good stuff. I always heard it as a question: "Who hangs out with musicians?"

Answer: Percussionists.

Teo can tell you, of course that a piano is also a percusion instrument. I'm not so sure about them thar midi board things. They could be more akin to virginals and harpsichords and the like.

The attached was produced on the Commodore 64 which, as I recall did record in real time, although you might call it an early sequencer. I've become a bit fascinated with it like a collector of Pop Art might find that unique and strange. All the C-64 musicians are getting gray and strange to say, now they practically give it away.

You do need a sid player and some of it still plays on the Virtual Machine versions of the C-64 and Amiga that go for 29 bucks per emulator if you like that sort of thing. I think it may be Mac only from Roland Lieger in Germany.

As percussion instruments go, it has to be one of the stranger ones in terms of those unique timbres that some may wish would go away!

Enjoy this loop. Keep it end user please, and don't sell it. . . (this is givnology isn't it)?


The title for the song "Axel F" comes from the main character's name, Axel Foley in the film Beverly Hills Cop. The musical key of the song alternates between F minor and F major, a further reference to the character.

Thanks to Danny Bouzaglo for sharing this bit which the Sid Player graciously exported as an aiff and which I rendered as stereo with ProTools through a SoundToys™ phaser; and thanks to the C-64 on line community for keeping that stuff alive in VM form. . .

I thought you windows users should get a bite at it now that cross platform issues are not so insurmountable. Love that Flip for Mac app. The best apps cost 29 dollars. Actually the two way flip for mac that opens WMV and also creates WMV from Quicktime is 49 bucks and worth it. They don't make it for system nine and promise not to. Shucks.

Quoth the Pogo: "we have met the enemy and they is us!"
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