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Posted Mon Jun 02 2008 04:14 AM
iTunes is a nightmare for organizing classical music collections

I don't buy your premise.

More accurately you mean that you in particular are "having nightmares" using it for organizing your collections. It's an exceptionally user friendly piece of software and if it's giving you trouble - what isn't? You want something better than i tunes for music collections tailor made? Tell me when you find one. You won't.

For starters you can open a running itunes file and with a "get info" command, open a window to add any notes you want and to classify the track as you like. All my classical music opens in that genre when I list by genre in i tunes. One clicks the listing menu to sort listings by category - by genre by alphabet etcetera - all pretty self explanatory, easy enough that a kid could do it.

Doesn't all software work more or less the same inasmuch as it behooves one to explore all the menus and read the "read me"s - and then it's a mere matter of pointing and clicking? How hard is it when it's all in your native language unless you live on Mars? If your problem is you are over thirty - find a kid to show you what an easy program i Tunes is.

I'm almost sixty and I'd suggest using the Play List function for starters, and simply create your own Play Lists. Name the Play List something appropriate like Chopin Files or Baroque Composers or Modern Composers as you like. Then you just drag the files you want from your music files into the Play List window and they will be automatically copied with titles time etcetera listed in order. If you don't know where i tunes stores your files it isn't too hard to figure out. Look under Music if you're a Mac user.

If you want to change the order of a play list after you have created it you can do that by dragging the files once they have been copied.

All versions of i Tunes on a Macintosh work that way. I know there is a Windows version and I suspect it works the same. Begin by creating a "New Play list" from the top listing from the file menu. Once created, your Playlist will be shown in the order you have set in your listings. Creating a specific play list allows you open one window of specific content when you don't want to scroll through everything you own.

Sleep better.
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