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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

Photo by Tony Howell


I see you soaring high
as majestic as the Eagle
riding the currents of love
in circles you dance
displaying pure grace.

My yearning heart
watches in awe.

I find you in the vastness
of the Sea gliding through
the mystical depths of blue
as magnetic as a dolphin or a wale
you pierce my heart with your song.

With you I want to sail
let me share in your bliss.

You are the magical breeze
playing cheerfully with the clouds
blowing them into new shapes
and to the delight of the trees
tenderly you caress their leaves.

I want to join this ballet
invite me, please!

The night speaks of you in sparkles,
the glittering stars and the moon
touch my lips with beams of gold,
I am pervaded by a heavenly tune
all your whispered secrets unfold.

My soul aches to be One
don’t wait any longer, come!

Love, Margherita
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