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Camellias are the roses of winter.
When most gardens slip into season's slumber,
the Camellias at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, nurtured by the soft California sun, awaken.
As we slip deeper into winter, the tight buds unfold their magnificent splendor.

Photos by: Toshi Otsuki


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Thank you Gisele,
and thank you Margherita;
your Camellia is so incredibly beautiful.
Bring us whatever you can to add to this thread.
This is so magnificent.

Now I have one more, but it is not quite as grand, but still beautiful.

I just saw your second beautiful picture,
we must have been posting at the same time.


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Thank you again,
and Barbara, I don't know how to download anything on any other board, but here it is very easy. I have all these pictures in
'My Documents', so just click the little icon on the top right when you reply and you can download from your documents and files etc.

Here are some jolly Camellias, dressed up in their stripes for a midwinter party:


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Thank you Vicky for bringing back this post. I had completely forgotten about it, and thank you Sue and yoko for your replies.

Camellias are lovely, and I have also tried to grow them indoors but they did not last too long either.
I get them seasonally because they are so beautiful.


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