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claire, thought I wouild help you a little.

You'll never get anywhere with that approach.

Just pray that you will be in a position to help others fulfill their dreams.

All else will be added to you.

You can't put conditions on God. Saying 'if you give me this, I'll give you that.' God cannot be conned.

It is all about self-less service to others, without thought of reward for self.

So instead of saying something to the effect of "make me rich and i'll help others" say "God, make an instrument of your will, put me in a position to be of service to others, thy will, not mine be done".

It is what we give that we get back. So start giving first and all else "will be added unto you".

Do take this in the positive Light that it was intended and not in critisism. I just want to see everyone succeed in life, and know that this is the quickest and best way.


Not Snick
Hey Not Snick,

You forgot to put the word "me" in your prayer. It should read "Make ME an instrument for.." So get it right will ya? Everything else seems about right.

But I would add a little more of the "Intention" aspect. If claire goes around saying what you have told her to say, while at the same time knowing/thinking that she will get what she still won't work eitheir. She has to give just for the sake of giving.

Oh,wwait you did say that, didnt you.. I see now.. "Without thought of reward for self".

Gotcha, well said. I think you might be God!!



The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when it is open.

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