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Dear friends,

I have been looking for a word to describe a musical technique I am developing. It is playing musical scales with the timing coordinated with the note distances. In the major scale there is "1/2" step between 3 and 4, then again between 7 and 8, well those are played faster. Musically this system connects very diverse patterns in interesting ways.

On the topic of "sacred sevens," in Yoruba (Nigeria, west Africa) religion (called Lucumi in the new world) each day of the week has it's deity. Monday one lights a white candle for Elegbara/Eshu (also ancestors) - divine communication, tuesday a red one for Chango - warrior and lover (Mars and Martes eh?), wednesday an orange one for Ochun - love goddess, and so on. Mojuba (thank you in Yoruba).

Learning jazz piano from Mark Levine in San Francisco he taught me that there are 3 chord types, major, minor and dominant. This is conditioned into a jazz pianist, they can play M, m or 7th (our code for major, minor and dominant) in any key effortlessly. Plus, minus and equal are the three mathematical properties (not including < and >), I began thinking: Brahma the creator, major scale, Shiva the destroyer, minor, Vishnu the preserver, dominant. Hmm...

I find that singing the words for the colors in the major scale: red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet to be very interesting. Green is certainly "out of" the red spectrums, and after green you "get to" the blues, which are called royal colors eh?

Those are only some of the things (or thinks as I sometimes say) that I am coordinating, connecting or synchronizing. It starts from playing the 7 note scales in the timing of the note differences. As I find similarities with other phenominan, natural and otherwise, very interesting syncs show up!

So I was looking for the name for this musical technique. I would like to share some:

  • Syncrosonic - to the point, but perhaps too technical sounding, no "flavor."
  • Synclave - even more to the point, "clave" meaning key, but there is already a keyboard called the synclavier, and people would pronounce it "sin-clayv."
  • Kitchen-sync - my favorite so far, but obviously too silly. It has "flavor" all right, and represents cooking something up.. Synkitchen? Sin-kitchen! No!
  • Spectrumming - says it all, but again too techie huh?
  • A-little-hept? - way too silly.
  • Sevenings - too obvious?
  • Scalar-timing - too techie.
  • Chakratics - perfect but too mystical?
  • Bles-syncs - well when I came up with this one, which has plenty of positive vibes, I decided that I should share this whole idea and get some feedback from others because I fear I am getting too weird!

A name for a system of musical scales played times with their note distances...

I used to call coincidences "co-wink-a-dinks," Deepak Chopra's writings have enlightened me that Syncrodestiny means that you are beginning to connect with the methodology of creation and fulfillment.. so right now I am harmonizing the colors up my chakras in the major scale to sift and shift to the arena where this answer no longer eludes me.. he he.. Bounce Angel

I thank you all for joining me on this journey of discovery. When the right name comes for this system I have every faith that it will be a great technique to balance and harmonize microcosms and macrocosms alike.

Much love and light being, Teo Asian UFO egypt Wizard Juggle Juggle

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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