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Hawaii's forests are filled with fragile and wonderful things, some of which are in serious danger of becoming extinct.
In the next Century may see restoration of of some of these valuable, rare, native forests, or, like so many fragile and wonderful things, they may be swept away. There are many citizens of Hawaii who are working to protect their sacred resources. To preserve4 these valuable resources we all need to do what is scientifically and spiritually wise.


Naio flower

Naio is a dry/forest coastal shrub or tree found in association with mamane on the wetern slopes of Mauna Kea but also relatively common elsewhere in Hawai'i. The somewhat wood of Naio, or false sandalwood, served as a poor substitute after most of the true sandalwood trees had been cut for export. Naio was frequently used in the building of Hawaiian houses.

Photo by Jack Jeffrey


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The Palila bird is highly vulnerable to weather-relatedannual fluctuations in seed availability. This bird needs a highly specific diet: the fantastic finch-like bill enables it to feed on the seeds of the endemic mamane. The subalpine dry forest habitat of the mamane and palila is one of the most threatened in Hawai'i.

Foto by Jack Jeffrey


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Hawai'i Akepa

Akepa is unique among Hawai'i's birds. Endemic to the island of Hawai'i.It also has developed a highly unusual bill. It's lower bill curves to one side, making it asymmetric. This helps it to pry open buds to snare the insects within.

Threats to this beautiful bird's survival comes from mosquito-born avian diseases, pigs, nest prdation by rats, and introduced yellow jackets and ants, which compete with it for prey.


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Sam 'Ohukani'ohi'a GonIII, scientist, kahuna, and poet writes:

Ha'alipolipo ka nahele mauka o Waolani e
Ha'aniponipo i ke kawaha ma'ukele
Ha'ale'ale i hali'a aloha e

Gon says,

The hill called Waolani is pointed to as the place from which human beings sprang, and the hill and the theme of creation are linked in that one line. To have experienced such a place and stood in the forest there, how could the heart not be filled with aloha?

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Thank you Inda.

There is so much to be done to save the plants and animals on this earth, as we know it today. So many species are endangered, and so many are already extinct.
It needs the effort of every nation, and for that matter, every human being to lend a helping hand to preserve all the natural beauty what is left.

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Thank you for this very lovely post.

Yoko is right, we all need to do our part to save the natural beauty of our world.

Vicky 2Hearts

I picked up this image and text from one of your earliest posts, Inda. I hope you don't mind my posting it here?

The Silversword is a very unique plant, only found in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian silversword is an indigenous plant consisting of a rosette of narrow, pointed (swordlike) leaves densely covered by silver hairs that form a sphere. At some point during its life it sends up a spectacular flowering stalk that can reach six feet in height. Each stalk can produce hundreds of maroon sunflowerlike flower heads.

The Haleakala silversword is found in the crater and outer slopes of Haleakala Volcano above the 6,890-ft elevation. The silversword flowers only once, at the end of its lifetime (15-50 years), produces seeds and then dies.

The Mauna Kea silversword found on the slopes of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii tends to differ from the Haleakala silversword in having a longer, narrower flowering stalk, fewer ray flowers, and longer, narrower, and straighter leaves

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King Protea Flower

Protea King flower is an incredibly unique tropical flower . This flower is the largest in the protea family and features a huge white fuzzy center that gently slopes upward to a soft point. Spiky pink petals surrounding the center give it a regal look; from the side it looks like a crown. Leathery green petals cradle the heavy head and a thick stem supports it.


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