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Beyond imagination

Come to me now!
Move out of the haze
approach me in full starlight
gather all the colors
you find on your path
wear them like a comet’s tail
and when you are close enough
wrap them around our shoulders

Come to me now!
I have been waiting you know
for this eternal magical moment
when we become everything
we have dreamed to be for so long,
when we merge into one,
when we blend
beyond imagination,
when we transform
into the supreme being of love,
when we move in synchrony
with the perpetual Universal dance.

Come to me now!
Let us move to the tune of love
resounding within and around us.
Come and let us be part
of the divine cosmic choreography.
Inhale and exhale life’s essence.
Become aware of our true potential
to be stars among the stars
where words are emissions of light
and every interaction
renews the perfect harmony
in every single moment,
as it was meant to be
from the beginning.

Come to me now!
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It is such a pleasure to share my thoughts with you and to find that you appreciate them so kindly. Thank you from my heart for your heartwarming comments. I have also missed you all. Sometimes life takes us into directions that keep us distant from the very people we love, but it is not a true separation, it is a pause ... a different way to stay close anyway.

I am sure in Canada you are having a more Wintery atmosphere than we here. Christmas for me goes right with snow, that special glittering of every single snowflake always moves me deeply.

Dear Yoko, dear Vicky, dear Inda, I send you all my love and big hugs. Enjoy to the fullest these special days.


Originally posted by dear Inda:
Thank you dear Margherita.

Your words are beautiful,"beyond imagination."
It is wonderful to see you again on Givnology.
We have truly missed you.

Have a Merry Christmas.
All the best for 2013.
Amen and Awomen! ps did you get your CD dearestestest dpm?!?

Love and *LIGHT* *BEINGS*,

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Dear Teo, dear Sue and dear Gisèle, thank you from my heart for your kind comments and for welcoming me back so kindly. I missed you too.

The last weeks have been very stressful, as I helped a dear friend in preparing her move. Often I returned towards midnight at home ... but now my friend is gone and lives far away and I am sad, but goodness gracious getting through all of her things trying also to reduce the quantity of things was tough, because she had accumulated so much Smile I recommend reading the book "L'art de l'essentiel" by Dominique Loreau, we should all follow her wise advices! I am sure there is an English version of her book.

I wish I could go for a holiday in the mountains right now ....

No, dear Teo, I have not received the CD, but I am sure it will arrive, shipments are slow during the holiday season. I am expecting a package I ordered from a Canadian online shop "Tangente". The owner confirmed shipment more than three weeks ago, but nothing arrived until now. I will be patient. But thank you anyway, dear Teo. Will be great to listen to your music.

Love and Happy New Year to all of you.


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