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Bast, The Cat-Goddess

Cat-goddess Bast was also known as Bastet and to the Greeks, who, strangely considered her to be a virgin, Artemis. An alternative name was Pesht - the origin of "Puss." Bast's cult center was at Bubastis (modern-day Tell Basta, north of Giza) which came to prominence during the rule of the Libyan pharoah Sheshon I, in the middle of the tenth centure BCE. As Bubastis was his residence, the city and its principal goddess Bast rose to fame and prominence within the Egyptian pantheon. Miwsher, meaning "little cat" or "pussycat," became a popular nickname for Egyptian girls.

Bast was protrayed as a cat, or as a woman with the head of her sacred animal. She had a reputation for ferocity, as a protector from demons and disease. Her gentler side was as the sensuous diety of music, pleasure, dance, and fertility. Her feminine qualities associate her with Hathor. Bast may have been another form of that goddess or considered to be her sister, and as the possible daughter of Isis. Such is the nature of the convoluted family relationships of the gods of Old Egypt. Festivals at her hometown of Bubastis, recorded by Herodotus, were held during April and May when the citizens took to sailing boats, singing and playing drums. Bast figurines often show her holding a sistrum, an ancient Eglyptian percussion instrument. The sistrum provides another link to Hathor, a goddess with whom Bast shares many attributes. This musical instrument was considered to be the sacred symbol of laughing Hathor, patroness of passion and drunkenness.

-Isis, Queen of Egyptian Magic, page 109

Background and waggy-tail kitty below images from:

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Thank you for the CAT-Tails Cat Cat2 Teo.
I love the website and the images Bounce

All the cats would purrrr...and approve.

Cat Big Grin Cat2 Smile Cat Clap Cat2 Applause Cat kiss2 Cat2

Here is a poem I found, from the cats Cat Cat2

The Song of the Cat

If I am NOT with you, where will you go?
Cannot find happiness.
But if you come to touch my breasts and thighs,
Then will you be satisfied at last.
Because you remember you are hungry,
Still you would not leave.
Are you a man who thinks only of his stomach?

You would not walk from me in your finery
And leave me with but a sheet.
Because of hunger you would not leave me!
Because of thirst you would not leave me!
Take my breast, for you its gift overflows!
Better indeed is one day in my arms than a
hundred thousand anywhere on earth.


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My best furry friend Kitty (also a friend of Teo's) has just gotten out of a crisis after being diagnosed as heading rapidly toward kidney failure. I've always been a bit squeamish about getting injected, so having to give Kitty a subcutaneous nutrient drip has been a bit daunting.

If you know the magic of cats as you do, and you saw the dramatic change after introducing fluids, you'd know why I'm feeling good that I have been giving Kitty a reprieve.

I just read François' remarks on death and immortality and while I think we eventually have to come to grips with life and death, that as long as our loved ones show some will to live that we should encourage them.

Once gone, the fact that our loved ones still live in our hearts and minds is convincing evidence to me that one still has a physical presence after death if only in the brain chemistries of the living. And some might say that narrows things to a sort of "electromagnetic chauvinism." Those who remember previous incarnations and the 49days in the bardo after death may know more than the rest of us.

There has been some debate recently about where to draw the line when one arrives at the border of the afterlife.

I'm glad Kitty is still showing me she has a raison d'etre. I like waking up to find her looking at me for continued hope and the reward of waking up to another day among the living.

Here's to cats. Thanks, Inda for the post and the cool link.

Nick and Kitty Cat2 Cat Cat2

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