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Now to add the code so that it plays in the background... this is the "bgsound" tag so it probably only operates in IE -- some browsers but of course you can simply save the file to disk and play it!

If you are at work and the sound gets you in trouble, or if you wake wifey - I apologize in advance! Eek


May it all work. Wow it does! Amen & Awomen.


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Last edited by Teo sold over 5 Billion Songs?

Today I was reading Apple's Website Press Releases and they claim to have sold 5 billion songs online.

Okay, lets say I believe that is true (which I find very hard to do...) I seriously don't understand it. I mean is the Ipod that damn popular?

People can just as easily go to - Free MP3 Search Engine and download all your favorite mp3 music for free. So what is the incentive to pay for music?

I simply have no idea in the world why somebody would pay $1.99 for a song they can get just as easily for free?

Am I missing something? Perhaps somebody here can explain this...? Smile

Mods - I apologize if I didn't post this in the correct thread.
Users - Please answer the poll. I really want to know if the latest trend is getting music for free or buying it.
Hi Hy.. he he..

GOOOOOOOOD QUESTION. But, isn't the key, to not ask it or publicly answer it????? Aaah

I have very similar, but totally different problems...


<object width="425" height="344"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Hauley, can you (or anyone) help me find:

Romance in G by Johannes Svenson
? I love it - I think - I've spent hours and can't find it - the Amazon clip wants flash version 242..
Last edited by Teo
Clap Clap Clap

click the quote icon if you want to see how it's done!

In this topic it may not ALL work, hey, 3 plugins called on all at once!!!

The pieces of the solution are all here though. Most was learned from:

<embed src="HTTP://" width=250 height=200>

Usually the above DOES work. Yay of yays!
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Here are some of my favoriate songs: How Low - By Ludacris, Haven't Met You Yet - By Michael Bubl, Enter Sandman - By Metallica, I Want to Hold Your Hand - By The Beatles, American Honey - By Lady Antebellum, A Little More Country Than That - By Easton Corbin, Whipping Post - By The Allman Brothers Band, I Heard It Through the Grapevine - By Marvin Gaye, Smile - By Uncle Kracker, Be My Baby - By The Ronettes, Street Fighting Man - By The Rolling Stones, Jim Dandy - By Lavern Baker, Gimmie That Girl - By Joe Nichols, Heart of Gold - By Neil Young, Spanish Harlem - By Ben E. King, Stayin' Alive - By The Bee Gees. You can listen to these MP3 Music Online for free.
Here are some of my favoriate songs: Walk A Mile In My Shoes - By Elvis Presley, Keep On Lovin' You - By Steel Magnolia, The Thrill Is Gone - By B.B. King, Walk This Way - By Aerosmith, Viva La Vida - By Coldplay, Billionaire [Feat. Bruno Mars] - By Travie McCoy, Just Like a Woman - By Bob Dylan, Bitter Sweet Symphony - By The Verve, Use Somebody - By Kings Of Leon, OMG - By Usher Featuring, Tangled Up in Blue - By Bob Dylan, Jim Dandy - By Lavern Baker, Smile - By Uncle Kracker, Life After You - By Daughtry, No Woman - By No Cry, It's Your Thing - By The Isley Brothers. You can listen to these Free MP3 Music Online for free.
Hi, i bet on my username it's a fact that I'm a free downloads fan.
I'm currently studying cracking software, and loving it. I'm pretty much accustumed to online forums as I have been using them for years, but I'm yet to come across a community I can call home - maybe this could be the one. As always I will try and contribute to the growth and development of this board.

I would like to recommend a awesome place
rapidshare searcher
to every body!
Howdy. Here are some general story about Free Music Download Sites. Over 12 million files online. Highest Quality MP3 Music Formats. Highest Quality MP3 Music Formats. No adware, no spyware.. Friendly Technical Support Included FREE : MP3 Music and DVD Movie Players, Virus Scanner, Adware Remover, Pop-Up Blocker, and More Full money-back guarantee! An excellent site that offers free unlimited music downloads without per download fees. We found all the tools we need to download and burn unlimited CD's. They offer one of the largest file trading network so you have access to tons of Music, MP3s, Songs, Music Videos and million other files such as DVD quality movies, videos, movie clips, TV shows, games and applications.

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