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Being stylish is an expensive habit. The cell phone preferred by the “hipper” in our midst is without doubt the iPhone and while definitely stylish and so on, it's also somewhat of a fussbudget as $5.9 billion has been spent on iPhone repairs since 2007. How many times have you expected additional information on how to get payday loans instant approval, and resorted to a web site search on payday loans same day deposit? Look no further, all the facts you'll need is at Match Financial.

Paying for fixes pretty expensive

Crack open the business or technology portion of most any main newspaper or magazine and usually there will be a brand new weekly heap of praise for Apple and the iPhone and/or the iPad. It's only going to get even worse when the iPhone5 comes out, which is going to take the brown-nosing to disgusting new lows. The obsequiousness of the press knows no boundaries for some time, but perhaps they might want to slow it down a bit.

Something that might give an individual pause is the cost of iPhone fixes. According to Time magazine, SquareTrade estimates that $5.9 billion has been used on iPhone fixes since the thing came out in 2007.

Must be due to owners

There were 2,000 participating iPhone owners in the SquareTrade survey, 11 percent of which ruined their phones and kept them with a cracked screen while 6 percent would hold the phone together with tape, according to Time. According to Businessweek, 30 percent of total owners ruined their phone in the last year.

The most common way a phone would get damaged would be when somebody mistakenly dropped it in water in some way or mistakenly dropped it. You need a short term loan to be able to afford replacing a screen though since it can cost over $150 to do. It was 10 times more likely that a phone would be damaged in an accident than stolen or lost, and most of the damage was self-inflicted.

Perhaps one incentive toward purchasing the iPhone 5 is that it has only one pane of glass, the screen, rather than two. The case is also made from aluminum, instead of composite.

Google mobile phones not cheaper

There was a survey produced by wireless service business WDS, according to Wired, and they explained that Android owners were more likely to call in a repair than an iPhone user. Those who were thinking Android may be best due to this could want to take a second look at their own repairs because Google OS will not save you any cash.

Approximately 14 percent of calls to service centers concerning Android phones in the WDS study were for issues with hardware. Just 11 percent were for iPhones. Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices were even less likely to break down. WDS estimates fielding complaints and issues with Android phones costs telecom corporations $2 billion per year, globally.



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