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Theory: The "Orishas," west African Yoruba people's dieties, came from Orissa, a place in southern India where they also play two headed drums.

I was telling a friend, Sekou Heath, about the Chakras and that the third eye chakra is called "Ajna." He was surprised and told me that to be allowed to play the "blessed" Bata drums (made sacred, used in Bembes and sacred rites) one has to "Make Anya."

Only people who have made Anya can play the blessed Bata drums.

The Bata drums have two heads, and are played in a set of 3. As with most Afro-Cuban music there are incredibly complex rules and roles for each drum and how they give the proper rhythem for the priest to sing specific Orisha's songs.

Orissa, India is supposed to be where the game of Chess was invented, and there seems to be a wealth of development of civilization there. Interesting coincidence that the Yoruba people of Nigeria call their gods "Orishas."

I wanted to share this interesting coincidence with you all. Enjoy!



The word Ajna means "command", in the sense of the Guru's command (spiritual guidance). The Tantric Ajna or Brow chakra has two petals...


Properly used, the drums can assist in the establishing of peacefulness in your heart and in the collective heart of humanity. The term "Ayan" is the original term used by the Old World people of Ifa. It has transformed, according to the New World tradition out of Cuba to the term "Anya". Both forms indicate the science of the Drum.

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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