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What helped Julius Caesar seize the throne of ancient Rome? How did the Medici family gain control over Renaissance Florence? What fueled the Panama Canal scandal, thwarted Black banking in Jim Crow America, or powered the Koch Brothers' climate-denial machine? Money, plain and simple. With enough of it, anything is possible, even turning outright lies into something that resembles the truth. The Power of Money is the fourth episode in the 6-part series, Truth & Lies. Read more about the series at View more episodes in the series at   • Truth & Lies | A TVO Original Series  Follow TVO Today Docs on social media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Subscribe to TVO Media Education Group newsletters: Get the TVO Today app: App Store: Google Play: Subscribe to TVO Today Docs on YouTube:   / @tvo  See more ways to access TVO Today Docs: TVO Today exists to ignite the potential in everyone through the power of learning. Our thought-provoking documentaries enable you to explore social, political and current affairs through a diverse range of storytelling perspectives. New docs, including TVO Originals, are added all the time, so be sure to subscribe to our channel for regular updates. See more at #TruthandLies #TVOoriginal

May it all work. Wow it does! Amen & Awomen.

Our Country Our Choice
DOUGLAS MACGREGOR: "We are watching the disintegration of the United States." Chief Executive Officer of Our Country Our Choice issues statement addressing one of the most significant crises America has ever faced. With an alarming influx of 14,000 immigrants daily, the nation is grappling with the arrival of over 5 million immigrants annually. FULL INTERVIEW:

May it all work. Wow it does! 

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Ingraham Angle CLIP:

Victor Davis Hanson: This is the message that’s going out in the Middle East

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson discusses the flow of disinformation out of the Middle East and the Hamas sympathizers in America on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

May it all work. Wow it does! 

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May it all work. Wow it does! 

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