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On the left here a beautiful crop circle from 2005 ( from here).

I have been eagerly awaiting crop circles using musical symbols, well, as a musician they are the most spiritual, "deep," and meaningful symbols for me personally... (sometimes as in "oh no, here comes another of Franz List's 8 bar sustain pedal symbols!" Eek) Join me in sending "out there" the idea that we would like some musical symbols in crop circles? Thanks!

Me personally, I would overlay the 5 note scale pentatonic: Eb - Gb Ab Bb - Db, this looks about the same distances hum? Well in Givnology's chakra (endocrine gland) page ( you see the "external chakra points" that supposedly can create the "Mercaba" that can be used for time and space travel... Abducted

Well, Givnology is, if nothing else, a "gathering" hum? Here is the CropCircleConnector's explanation of the Beckhampton Formation:


The Beckhampton formation is a representation of the global Michael/Mary energy current - also known as the 'Rainbow Serpent'. See for info on this. Not only did it appear on 5th June, which in the Mayan Dreamspell = Magnetic Skywalker, which= '1 Reed' in the True Count= Quetzelcoatls birthday....who was also called the 'Rainbow Serpent'. It also was ON the Mary energy line, which is part of the global Rainbow Serpent.

Here notice a pretty embellishment:

The original crop circle, to me, with the arcs surrounding either endpoint shows how overlapped circles give moon-looking arcs, how various sine waves look overlaid, but is more like a wavey line than the spiral I'm familiar with for chakras (Ida and Pingala coiling like a DNA).

I always enjoy ideas and images based on the chakras (mainly healing positive vibes ones). So, shall we take our explorations even farther!

The chakras of the globe:

So now the earth has chakra(means wheel) power vortex lotus flower energy centers... maybe the humans are the endocrine glands? do they align? are they "balanced?" I remember the first time I associated each with a note going up the music scale... well, how do we get Mt. Shasta in Califunny as chakra 1? Survival and adrenalin.. uhm.. when skiing? he he.. Penguin Viking

May we all have healthy, happy, beautifully balanced chakras Including you, dear Momma Eartha! Love2

Individuals may download, reproduce and use images and associated captions posted on The Crop Circle Connector's website for their own personal, at-home, non-commercial purposes. The copyright appearing on a photo may not be removed by any means, including photo-manipulation software of any kind. Express permission for such use is not required. If the downloaded photos are made available to others, and we encourage you to do so as long as no fee is obtained for your doing so, the following credit line is requested on EACH page: "Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (".


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The yoga balance graphic looks funny on blue, well maybe it is the dance of the galaxies hum? LOL

I wanted to show it on a white background.. to help balance and align our energies!!! so here:

Love and LIGHT BE-ING, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa....) Angel Abducted UFO Area52 Asian Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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I like your preliminary crane pose. I was looking at a picture of Vishnudevanda doing it with his foot behind his head looking perfectly balanced. He didn't have the preliminaries in the "complete" illustrated book of yoga.

I think the next stage past the illustration you attached Teo, is the form where you lift your heel as far into your groin as you can with your toes pointing down toward your knee joint and then you bring your palms together and either balance with hands in prayer pose over the Heart Chakra or over your head. You have to center your body over your standing foot, so your hip will be off to the side a bit, and it always helps to spot something about 12 feet away so you stop feeling shaky, which you will be if you started out look at what you are doing with your legs.

Don't forget to do both sides when you do a posture like the crane.

Thanks for yogic jumping pin. The rug is ready and it's a better day for standing on your own head than to let others do it for you 'roun here.

Atlas should stop shrugging so much and keep doing that shoulder stand meditatively.

Namastes and longer days. . . (unless you're down under where they are starting hurricane season and autumn has arrived.

Keep your roving third eyes open!
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Originally posted by yogionefromobie:
I think the next stage past the illustration you attached Teo, is the form where you lift your heel as far into your groin as you can with your toes pointing down toward your knee joint...
Hey! Wow! I call that my "Shiva Pose," one legged standing meditation or what have you...

Funny, I was simply searching @ Google for an image of balancing, and lookie what all got started! Googly

I really like the Crop Circles you all have shared here! Amazing mandalas hum? Whatever they are, whomever is making them, they sure are beautiful.

All chakras in tune, cosmic chi flowing perfectly.. organs and social organizations healthy and... ORGANIC! he he.. Asian

Love and LIGHTENING being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul...) Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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