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Reply to "The Magic of Winter"

Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a wonderful thread! I feel the magic of Winter deep deep within, always longing for the snowy landscapes I enjoyed in Switzerland.

I want to share my "White Silence" here again:

White Silence

The morning air carries
the fragrance of snow,
sparkling white beauty
reflecting in my eyes.

I plunge into this softness
this myriad of snowflakes
each a masterpiece of design
beholding a vision of peace.

My footprints across the field
a friendly message to the sky.
I am embraced by the woods,
aware of my perfect solitude.

My breath the only sound,
I let beauty and silence
enter and expand within
and my heartbeats dance.

I need not ask any questions
All answers resonate in my heart,
through the magnificence of nature
I hear the Divine language of Love.

Surrounded by infinite purity
I stand in stillness and awe
to Heaven I raise my voice,
whispering words of praise.

I touch upon the mystery of life
Merging with the glittering light
I am the snow, the sun, the sky
One with the Source, I shine.

Love and hugs. Have a beautiful Winter week! Advent with snow is magical.

Margherita Smile Hug

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