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Reply to "Principle"

Originally posted by Barbara:
The following is a special meditation
by Joseph Murphy:

..........."Principle in Business"

My business is God's business. I am always about my Father's business, which is to radiate Life, Love and Truth to all mankind. I am expressingg myself fully now; I am giving of my talents in a wonderful way. I am Divinely Compensated.

God is prospering my business, profession, or activity in a wonderful way. I claim that all those in my organization are spiritual links in its growth, welfare, and prosperity; I know this, believe it, and rejoice that it is so. All those connected with me are Divinely prospered and illumined by the Light.

The Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world leads and guides me in all ways. All my decisions are controlled by Divine Wisdom. Infinite Intelligence reveals better ways in which I can serve humanity. I rest in the Lord forever.


And so it is!

May your lives be heaped up with an abundance of all Good things...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~BARBARA

We are living Miracles....

Sorry I missed this post earlier.. well.. sooo glad I found it now! Hey hi hi Abhay!

This is such a wonderful message Barbara!!! Clap Colors Idea

We have NOLOGY to GIV because of wonderfull blessings like this.. mmmmm.... 2Hearts 2Hearts

Thanks googles! Love n light, Teo Animated1 Animated1 Tweety Cat2 chicken Ladysman sweety Ying

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