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Reply to "Prayers for Baby Cordelia"

Thank you everyone for your prayers for baby Cordelia and her family.

Fortunately she has had a donor and has received the transplant, but I think that prayers are still much needed.

Here is the news I just received from Australia:

Hi everyone

I thought you might be pleased to hear that Cordelia has had a live transplant and her new liver seems to be working well!!!!! What wonderful news!!!! The date of the transplant cannot be disclosed and there can be no media coverage for 3 months.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been plain sailing since then. I visited Cordelia in Sydney on my return from Townsville despite the fact that she was in intensive care and Warrick's assurances but didn't feel comfortable doing so. I don't think I realised how ill she has been until I saw her. Oh, my God, the poor little darling. Cordelia has had high temperatures and problems with her bilrubin count and they had a rough weekend " in and out of tests, a number of anaesthetics and theatre" (have quoted from Warrick's latest email). She has been experiencing some secondary problems and breathing difficulties but apparently the doctors aren't overly worried, which is an enormous relief. It seems that they won't be discharged until the end of August. Warrick is very disappointed, especially for Rachel as she hasn't been out of the hospital for more than 3 months. I suppose I thought that the transplant would solve everything pretty quickly, providing there were no rejection issues, so all this has come as a great shock to me. Poor little Cordelia, her battle continues but hopefully her problems will become less serious and occur less frequently in the near future, and that her parents and grandparents will be able to rest more easily.

Continuing to send prayers to baby Cordelia and her family.

Love, Inda

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