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Reply to "Northern Fairytale"

Originally posted by dear Margherita:
...I just had a thought ... we can say together a prayer for these lovely Polar Bears (at a certain safe distance!) who are in danger because of the dissolving of the arctic pack, due to global warming. May the weather stabilize and may catastrophs be avoided. May we all slowly adjust to the change!
Amen! (and Awomen Love2 )

Thank you God and Angels helping catastrophies being avoided for Polar Bears and all creatures affected by climate change. And so it is! Amen.

This is turning into such a wonderful... FAIRYTALE! All these wonderful comments, replies, prayers for dear beautiful aminals... aaawwww! CowWaves Doggy Cat Ren Stimpy Tweety Bunny Rudolph chicken Cat2 tiger Penguin Penguin Penguin We DO loooove our critters here hum? Asian Elephant Hug sweety bat Pig Tiki Kiss Kiss

btw. How are your cats, Margherita? Nick (YogiWon)? Give them a scritch under the chin for me! he he.. RaisedBrows

Maybe the polar bears won't lose all those ice platforms they need to sleep on after fishing - at least not so quickly. Perhaps we can take warmth and even generate our electricity from the sunlight and the wind and not disturb our mother earth more than we already have.
Aaaahhhh I feel the warmth, even looking at coooold critters! he he.. Penguin - YOUR WARMTH! DEARESTEST FRIENDS! InLove kiss2

The cries of war and the need to express human need through violence is counter-productive and more than a bit sad. This is a time when we tend to focus on the Birth of Jesus and on forgiveness love and renewal. Ghandi would urge us all to seek peace and make our numbers known who favor peace and have the faith to proceed intelligently and without turning against one another.

If a deer and bunny or a wolf and a bear can recognize their commonality, why not we?
Beautifully said dear ONE Yogi Won!

Aaaaahhhhh the message of Jesus, Ghandi, to proceed intelligently... mmmmm... I'm even feeling the CHRIST-MASS Spirit now! Angel Einstein Fan

I always feel, we all share the same air! Deepak Chopra would even say we share hundreds of atoms, even cells from each other! Animals can find commonality, and they are of different species! We are all humans, and yet.... wow.... Fire

Hoping mending and healing can happen for all those so terribly and tragicly hurt and killed over there. Sending love and prayers. Asian Army Cloud9 Angel

Also sending big hugs and kisses to all dear kindred spirits, GIVNOLOGISTS, u no who u r! he he.. jester Clown Kiss Kiss


Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teo (Do, Re, Mi, Far....) Clap Typing Hula Angel2 Hearthead CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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