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Reply to "Northern Fairytale"

Bless those pointy ears!

I looks as if this pair has already spotted next year - there goes Piggy and here comes Rat.

Happy New Year to everybody especially Milo who should satisfy that hunger that has returned and get lots of fresh air and cuddling. If he has to cry a bit he should cry like a baby Pavarotti. I haven't come around as often as I'd like this season but it's always a treat to commune here.

In the midst of Joy to the World, It's a sad day with the loss of Pakistan's first female president and if Mr. Bush has sent his regrets, he should since he personally has contributed to the turmoil in that region. This is a new era with the US about to choose someone better than that, and the two leading candidates are a woman and a very bright fellow of color.

I think we're going to come out of this one o.k. in the USA those of us "down under" the other CA so to speak.

Maybe the polar bears won't lose all those ice platforms they need to sleep on after fishing - at least not so quickly. Perhaps we can take warmth and even generate our electricity from the sunlight and the wind and not disturb our mother earth more than we already have.

The cries of war and the need to express human need through violence is counter-productive and more than a bit sad. This is a time when we tend to focus on the Birth of Jesus and on forgiveness love and renewal. Ghandi would urge us all to seek peace and make our numbers known who favor peace and have the faith to proceed intelligently and without turning against one another.

If a deer and bunny or a wolf and a bear can recognize their commonality, why not we?

Unfortunately what Mark Twain said may be true in terms of the difference between our species and those with fur:

"If you take a starving dog and lead him to prosperity, he will not bite you. This is the principle difference between a dog and a man."

Namaste to all here.


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