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Reply to "New Year's wishes for our children"

Thank you yoko for bringing back Margherita's beautiful poem. So nice to welcome 2022.

I also remember Tim Cannon's lovely words.

Listen closely
To this story
Of a child written long ago,
Who came from the mountains
To the distant valleys
Bringing a message of peace and hope.
This child sang to all the people
Words were whispered far and near,
Of the power that’s in the heart
Of the wisdom all can share.

“In your heart
And in your mind
Working together
You will find,
All the treasures
And all the gold
Lies in two simple words
Never needed to be told.
Feel the warmth
Which grows inside
And in this feeling
You will cry,
Sounds of freedom
Sounds of laughter
Sounds of children
Forever by your side.”

Some of the people
Wanted the secrets
To all the treasures
All of the gold,
They took this child
And locked him up
Keeping this child
Deep inside.

These people grew in sickness
Age and resentment
Hate and fear,
Never understanding
Never receiving
Forever lonely in despair.

And when the child had faded and died
They had lost their secret
This wealth was gone,
They could not share in
This life treasure
These words in which they seek.

When elders looked
To the other people
And saw them happy
Full of life,
Full of laughter
Full of love
Reflecting ever clearly
So brilliantly bright.

“How could this be
We had the child
We held him within,
He was ours to keep
Ours to have
Never to share
Never to lend.
Only the words
We were never told
To all the riches
And to all the gold,
Died with this child
Never again to be seen
Forever left, untold.”

As their feelings
Turned from anger
Turned from jealousy
Turned towards rage,
A child did step forth
And kissed them lightly
Only then did they know.

The words for which they were seeking
To all the riches, all the treasures
And all the gold,
Laid in their heart
Always there
Never needed to be told.

This feeling, forgiveness
This feeling of love
Came from deep within,
From within their soul,
Is all that is treasured
Is all that is needed
Wealthier than all the gold.

So now you know the story
The words, the feelings
Living within us all.
Live your life
Live it as a child,
Live it in forgiveness
Live it in love.

Listen closely
To this story,
Of a child,
Written long ago.

by: Tim Cannon

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