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Reply to "New Year's wishes for our children"

Originally posted by dear Margherita:


May you believe in the power of your means
and may you be able to manifest all your dreams!

Love, Joy and Peace!
Margherita 2Hearts
Amen and Awomen!

So dear and beautiful dearestest dpm (Dancing Pearly Margherita!) Love2

You remind me... of one of our .. colleagues - in the WellBeingCreativity link that is now on EVERY page of Givnology! Allow me to share one of his poems!

From: WellBeingCreativity

Onto this Earth,
a child is born.
From the love of light,
a soul takes form.

Flesh and blood,
we are all the same.
The innocence of birth,
our heart contains.

Many different roads,
our lives will lead.
To the same path,
will they all feed.

Challenges and changes,
this teaching life.
The answer being love,
a universal right.

Children of the millennium,
children of the age,
it is time for peace,
to change our ways.

We are one family,
this Earth we share.
For we have the ability to forgive,
the uniqueness to care.

It is in the nature of all,
a return to our birth.
To find that wake of innocence,
to end the suffering and hurt.

Onto this Earth,
a child is born.
From the love of light,
a new dawn will form.

by: Tim Cannon

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teo Bounce Ladysman Ren Stimpy Angel2 Doggy Laughing CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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