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Reply to "From where I stand"

From where I stand
my gaze roams
over the past
and stretches
into the future.
As if viewing
a crystal,
I see the seeds
the blossoms
the fruits ….
And I contain it all!

All that is
flows and vibrates
in my essence,
making me a vessel
of everlasting
love and beauty…

From where I stand
I can see
your smile
dancing lovingly
through time.
It carries the sun
the moon, the stars
of all epochs
and leaves
the magical tracks
of infinity
on my soul.

From where I stand
I collect
all the fragments
of my journey.
Assembled, they form
a sparkling gem.
I reach out to
touch eternity
and find it
in your eyes.
You wait for me
to embrace and taste
the Whole
of You.

Now dpm is for "Dat posting magic!" he he..

From where I stand. Beautiful. "I." Incredible!

I'm reminded why WellBeingCreativity was born, such beauty and love embued in words, like a sacred magic trick.. like a sacred magic healing.. Angel Angel

Thank you again dear Margherita, I'm sorry I've been so busy fixing the house.. haven't been such the host.. he he.. forgive me, something to eat? drink? silly joke to make you smile? he he..

I hope my image behind the poem worked, haven't tried that in a minute.. still ironing out features and such..

Love n light, Teo Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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