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Collective prayers and intentions manifest in the best ways for all concerned. Share and join prayers here.

Last Post: Hawaiian Prayer
Prayer and Intention
Meditations and self awareness topics. Spiritual lessons and discussions.
Last Post: Wisdom to Survive in Difficult Times

Healthy foods, techniques and activities to keep you youthful and vibrant.

Last Post: Each day awakens to the unknown...
Healthy Lifestyles
How do we handle the passing on of loved ones?
Last Post: Is man immortal?

Wealth consciousness is a frame of mind. Share your abundance awareness.

Last Post: What you want
Opportunities and Wealth

How can we best live together on this heavenly shiney blue ball spinning in space?

Last Post: Inspirational Wisdom from Hawai'i
Harmony With Nature
Family, relationships and extended family topics.
Last Post: Polar Bears

Here you grab your big styrafoam boffers and beat each other until you are silly. Just don't break the furniture!

Last Post: I'm tared (scared) mommy! "It doesn’t appear that the US has made it any safer from terrorism.."
Boffing Area
Sitewide information and any other announcements.
Last Post: Happy St.Valentine's Day

Beautiful music soothes the savage beast and transports one to heaven.

Last Post: Franz Liszt's AMAZING B Minor Sonata - Sir Frederick Ashton choreographed especially for Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, amazing!
Music - Heavenly Sounds
Painting, sculpture, architecture, handicrafts, multi-media and all visual artistry of various cultures throughout history.
Last Post: Northern Fairytale

Share your soul in poetry and writing. We welcome your wonderful words.

Last Post: Soul sigh shower
Words - Beautiful Poetry

Inspirational prose, poetry and writings by masters of the written word.

Last Post: Words of wisdom #2
Classic Prose

Elements of awareness to detach

Last Post: 47 spam posts today, banned IPs - report to
Protecting Sacred Space

Strangely useful thinks sometimes

Last Post: Exotic Fruit With Extraordinary Benefits
Off Topic Posts Moved Here
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